How I Travel

I am leaving my little graduate housing room here in Boston to take a trip back to California to relax, see the fiance and possibly start looking for a job (one of the downsides of graduating). I fly a lot  and have my own unique travel routine and packing tricks. I do everything possible to avoid checking baggage as I’m always scared my bag will be lost. Above is what I always pack into my handbag on the plane. I have:

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Pashmina or shawl to use as a blanket- this one is Louis Vuitton
  3. Small moleskine notebook to jot notes, thoughts, to do lists
  4. Black socks – I always pack these. They are good in case you are wearing sandals and going through the security line without shoes (gross) or if your feet get cold on the plane.
  5. Tea bags. I like my own brand of tea and I will shamelessly go to the nearest Starbucks or Peets after through security and ask for a cup of hot water. Plus, it’s free (score!)
  6. Sunglasses. When it’s bright outside during takeoff/landing as the windows have to be up. These are Chanel aviators.
  7. Laptop sleeve. This one is from SFbags. You don’t have to take your laptop out of it for security and it protects it.
  8. Vaseline rosy lip balm for the dry air on the plane.

All of these items, plus my wallet, keys, etc, I place into my handbag (this one is a Chanel jumbo flap). Then I dunk it all into a large Longchamp Le Pliage bag, which is shown hanging above. I either wear the shawl or stuff it on top. I do this because the Longchamp can fit my handbag + a laptop.

See? It all fits perfectly!

Now I have one more bag per my carryon allotment, which in this trip I am using my trusty Le Sportsac duffel for. It is very light, expands easily and can be thrown into the wash when it gets dirty. The light weight comes into handy when you a lot of international airlines have strict weight allotments. I like to use very inconspicuous luggage/handbags when traveling through airports as I find it doesn’t call attention to you, and plus customs tends to let you through more easily when flying internationally.

Happy travels!

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