Sep 292014

Sale PSA: A great leopard/zebra pouch set from DVF, now under $67 (I just ordered the same set for myself – I think they’ll come in use for traveling or when I want to duck out for coffee at work and don’t want to bring my tote), a very flattering for fall anorak with a ruffled detail in the back from Anthropologie, now 50% off with code “SALEONSALE“, and a graphic DVF black/white snake print silk shirt, now 40% off. 

Plane travel is when I get to catch up on all the bad movies that I didn’t have the conscience to actually pay for in theaters, but secretly wanted to watch. On our way to Australia, I caught a movie which I ended up being very happy not having had paid for – The Other Woman – which while lacking greatly in its various cinematic qualities, at least had a great wardrobe for Cameron Diaz. Actually, I usually like Cameron’s wardrobe in movies (watch for some more features on her) – like Jennifer Aniston, she knows what looks great on her and always looks well turned out on screen. In The Other Woman, she has a great mix of both professional and casual looks.


Anyway – I went through the movie again and picked out some of my favorite looks. I also was able to supplement some with a few promotional stills from the movie, as well as some paparazzi shots of Cameron during filming (ironically these sometimes show the outfits in the most clarity). Enjoy!

The first scene – Cameron in a little black dress. Those looking for a similar silhouette can find one from Alexander Wang ($210) with a contour seam and banded edging.

The Other Woman 0

Opening credits, we see Cameron casually turned out in an off the shoulder white top and cuffed jeans.

The Other Woman 1

This is one of those outfits that seems so simply and easy, yet somehow it can be difficult to pull off if you don’t have the exact pieces. I think you need the perfect off the shoulder top and it all comes together. My favorite version is from Velvet – tons of colors and super comfortable.

The Other Woman 2

More opening credits – this time in a floral dress which I recognized as Isabel Marant. Unfortunately this dress was from several seasons back, so I found a nice casual striped tshirt dress in cotton jersey from Petit Bateau instead!

The Other Woman 3

Next, a paparazzi shot of Cameron walking out of her office onto the street for a scene. I had a pretty good still from the movie but I can’t beat the quality of the paps! Continue reading »

Sep 262014
Weekend Update

Sale PSA: a camel cashmere, fully lined wrap coat from Fleurette (beautiful fabric and perfect for cold days), now 35% off, a great leopard clutch with leather trimming from Cleobella, now 30% off, and a versatile beige/khaki canvas field jacket [...]

Sep 222014
Fall Purchase List

Sale PSA: A super easy to wear and flattering maxi dress from Lush – I’ve mentioned this one before, but now it’s 50% off/under $25, a very pretty gray/white patterned silk print blouse from Joie, now 40% off, and a [...]

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