Oct 292014

Sale PSA: A crepe shift dress from Wayf in shades of pink (wear with tights in the fall/winter), now under $40, a very pretty and super comfortable cashmere cowl sweater from 360 Sweater, now under $250 (one of my favorite all time sweaters is from this brand, so I always take a look), and a black rabbit fur snood from St. John that’ll keep you cozy in the winter, now 60% off (under $200).¬†

Sometimes on this site, I think I focus on eliminating/reducing items in my closet (well that’s really just because I have quite a bit still)….aka talking about the items that I shouldn’t have/wished I hadn’t purchased. Today I thought I would talk about an “opposite” topic…a few items that I wish I had picked up, but never did (and now they’re gone forever). I’d love to hear yours!

kate moss chanel cardi

1. Chanel 11C (cruise) cashmere cardigan. Oh, I love this cardigan so much. In all colors, red, navy and white. I didn’t have the crazy Chanel sale ninja training that I have since been provided, and never snagged this one (not to mention that the smaller sizes mostly sold out at full price). It’s perfection. If they made another one now, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat!

2.¬†Aritzia eyelet dress. I couldn’t find a picture of this dress, but years and years ago Aritzia made a few amazing eyelet items that I loved. They were perfect – buttoned down the front, super flattering, all cotton, stretched to fit. They had a top version, and a dress, both in white and black. So I bought a white top, a black dress, and wanted to buy the black top and a white dress, but left those on the shelf. “I’ll find another version I like better later on,” I said to myself. Continue reading »

Oct 242014
Weekend Update

Sale PSA: An everyday, classic black trench coat from Burberry, now 25% off (with nice size availability, for now), classic large Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses in black and tortoise for under $100, and clean, round toed heeled (but not too high) [...]

Oct 222014
Getting Older

Sale PSA: black flat leather riding boots with an elastic back from Frye, now 40% off, a pretty black tulip hem knit dress that’s great for work or drinks (petite sizes only, all sizes), now under $75 from Felicity & [...]

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