Oct 012014

Sale PSA: one of my favorite and most worn pair of Prada sunglasses which are usually never on sale, are now 20% off (or around $200) for a limited time at Nordstrom, in black/gray (which I own), and a tortoiseshell. A great deal for classic sunglasses! Shopbop also has a bunch of new sale markdowns, including a sleeveless DVF knit dress in a gorgeous shade of purple for 30% off, and classic, flat (and very Kate Moss) gladiator sandals from Madewell, now $42 each. 

This is the fourth post in my Australia series. For the remainder, please see here.

After our first day and a half in Sydney exploring suburbs such as Manly Beach and Watsons Bay, Mr. Feather and I decided to venture a little closer to our “home”, starting with the Sydney Opera House, which we had the pleasure of looking out at each morning. We decided to take a tour of the building, which we’d highly recommend.

Arriving in front of the Opera House – I was very amused by these “Walk” signs for reason, maybe because I’m an immature American.

Sydney Opera House Approach

From afar, the Opera House looks white – but as we got closer, we realized it was actually a combination of cream/ecru type tones. While we were on our tour, this was confirmed by our (fascinating!) guide.

Sydney Opera House Roof

Photos were banned on our tour, but Mr. Feather snuck in a few. I loved learning about the Opera House – both about its history and all of the different materials and woods used for the interior. It must be such an amazing feeling to be able to perform here. We were able to peek in on a Sydney Symphony rehearsal, and you felt privileged to be able to stand there in such a small group and listen to great music.

Sydney Opera House Inside

After our Opera House tour, it was time for a snack. So we hopped on the metro and headed to our next destination – the suburb of Newton. Isn’t the Circular Quay station so picturesque? I thought that the background almost looked fake, it was so “perfect”.

Sydney Subway Circular Quay

What was in Newton? Food of course – specifically, Black Star Pastry.

I had heard of Black Star Pastry from a local friend and after seeing some photos of their famous cakes and savory pies, I knew we had to go. When we arrived, there was a long line and rain, but I was undeterred. Actually while we were waiting in line, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to a face a slightly embarrassed looking young Chinese girl behind me. “Do you speak Chinese?” she asked me in Mandarin. Continue reading »

Sep 262014
Weekend Update

Sale PSA: a camel cashmere, fully lined wrap coat from Fleurette (beautiful fabric and perfect for cold days), now 35% off, a great leopard clutch with leather trimming from Cleobella, now 30% off, and a versatile beige/khaki canvas field jacket [...]

Sep 242014
Sydney - Spice I Am, Watsons Bay, Manly Beach, Cafe Paci

Sale PSA: a flattering s/s ponte shift dress from Classiques Entier (the perfect “work to dinner” dress that you can accessorize), now under $150, a great wrap cardigan with a cool toggle detail in tan and gray colors from Ralph [...]

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