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Wish List – Spring 2017

I put together my spring wish list this weekend – lately I’ve found it much easier to just do wish lists for myself, it focuses my shopping and I don’t end up getting distracted with lots of other pretty trinkets along the way. Here are the items I’ve bookmarked for myself…some I’ll try to wait for a sale/code, others I will probably look at getting full price. I’d love to hear what’s on your wish list, and also how you shop…any one else put together these lists at the beginning of the season?

1. J.Crew Tippi Sweater. I hadn’t tried the Tippi sweater before from J.Crew, but I know it’s one of their more popular styles (remember when J.Crew lost like a zillion dollars one quarter and blamed it all on sweaters). For some reason the combination of this wheat color plus those embroidered lips is just doing it for me. I’m thinking about buying one size looser, and wearing it with a slightly slouchier fit.


2. Burberry Kensington Trench. I’ve been looking so long for the perfect trench, that now I’m back to basics. What do you think of the classic Burberry trenches? For a while now I’ve kind of resisted it….I’m the sort of lame person who wants something “different” but now I wonder if I should just go with the classic. I hadn’t looked at trench prices for a while…man did Burberry get expensive, by the way!

PS: I also like the Sandringham, but I think I prefer the Kensington for a slightly looser fit. What do you like between the two? Continue Reading