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The Thomas Crown Affair: The Wardrobe

A few weeks back, I covered the wardrobe from one of my favorite “awesome fashion” movies – A Perfect Murder. I’m so glad that so many of you liked the movie, and I’m going to be covering more in future posts, starting with today! I’ll be covering a film that was mentioned by several readers: The Thomas Crown Affair (199x edition, starring Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan).


Now, I actually have quite a bit of experience in this movie. When I was a kid growing up, my parents would very rarely buy VHS (and later, DVD) movies. They were generally deemed a more extravagant purchase. However, one year during a Blockbuster sale, my mom ended up bringing up two movies that were close out inventory, 2 for $7.50. They were Congo, and The Thomas Crown Affair. Thus I’ve seen both endless times, though I don’t know when I’ll be asked to do a Congo wardrobe recap (though I’ll be ready!).

I hadn’t seen this movie in about a decade however, so it was fun to catch back up again while keeping an eye out for all of Rene’s great outfits. Let’s start the recap!

Our first glimpse of Rene – as you see her walk behind all the male cops and detectives in the museum, in her glasses and fur coat. Out of the way dudes, so we can see her coat!

thomas crown affair 1

Okay…we’ll settle for a view of the back at least.

thomas crown affair 2

Now back working in the police office, in a pinstriped suit.

thomas crown affair 3

The cool thing about this suit is, it’s not just your typical blazer + skirt combination. There’s actually multiple pieces, which you get a hint of here….

thomas crown affair 4

…and then see more of here, when she takes off her jacket. Wow!

thomas crown affair 5

Next, we see her, on a boat…checking out Thomas Crown, in a thick cashmere sweater and fur scarf.

thomas crown affair 6

Hanging out in a leather jacket and tee (she does casual well, too!).

thomas crown affair 7

Next – confronting Thomas Crown in my personal favorite dress from the movie, this sequined mandarin collar gown. Take a look at those earrings, by the way! Continue Reading