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The Perfect Jewelry Wardrobe

Sale PSA: A pretty and chic silk blouse from Theory, now 55% off, a classic tan leather bootie from Rag & Bone, now 40% off, and a lovely silk mini dress from floral embellishments from 3.1 Phillip Lim, now 65% off.

Saks Friends and Family has started – a few gems amongst the many exclusions are a classic rock crystal amulet from Temple St. Clair, now 20% off, this adorable peplum military jacket from Scripted (I’m thinking about grabbing this), now 25% off, and these chic and simple (and very comfortable looking) black leather slides from Cole Haan, now under $100.

Building on last week’s post, where we talked about the value of jewelry (I loved reading everyone’s comments and emails…!! Thank you!) I wanted to write down my own thoughts on what a perfect “jewelry wardrobe” would look like, if one were aiming to keep things (slightly) more minimal.

Everyday pendant necklace. I used to wear a simple pendant necklace all the time, and then decided I wanted to give my longer statement necklaces some air time. After having children, I’m back to these simple pendants and I believe will be for the near future. I love something simple, chic, and that will match with a variety of outfits, necklines, and colors…and which also won’t be harmed by sticky fingers, or get caught on something when I bend over (I know someone who broke their long Van Cleef necklace this way – she bent over and the necklace caught on a chair and she stood back up quickly, and it ripped. Ahh!). My favorite candidate is this topaz pendant from Pomellato. So elegant.

Simple and elegant watch. If you’re one of those people who only use their phone, you can pass on this one, but I think almost everyone could do with an elegant watch in their wardrobe. I’d pick one with a metal strap for durability, elegant enough to wear at night but not too precious that you couldn’t wear it in the day. Cartier Ballon Bleu is a great example of this. Here’s Kate Middleton with hers (she has the 28cm size, I believe). For a less expensive version, I like a lot of the Larson & Jennings designs.

You could try two tone so that it will always match with jewelry. I wore a two tone watch for many years and it was so easy. Continue Reading