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Today I wanted to respond to a reader question, since it’s one that I’ve received in various forms over the years.  I’ve put it off since I really don’t think I have the authority to talk about this topic more than anyone else, especially since I did choose to have kids…but I think everyone always wants to hear from the other side. I’d love, love to hear your comments on this topic and I’m sure the originally reader, “Y”, would as well!

Hi Katherine,

I hoped you could write a post about your view on not having kids, and people who choose a child free life. Do you think they are wrong, or selfish? And after having them, do you think your life only has meaning now that you have kids? I know you have another one coming (congratulations!!!!)….to be frank, you are one of the few bloggers with children I still bother to follow. I know I don’t want them myself, me and my partner are happy and have full lives together. I hope you do not find this post offensive…I am simply curious to hear the opinion on this topic of someone I respect, who happens to have kids.

Kangaroo Island, from my pre-child life

I really struggled to answer this question, partially because there’s already so much material out there – on both sides. What’s funny though is I feel like lately, complete strangers have been asking me this. I don’t know if it’s because I look like the surliest mother at the playground…but it’s given me some time to think. So, here goes! Continue Reading

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Traveling With A Toddler

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