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Hermes 28cm Kelly


The Hermes Black Kelly

There is one item out there which I have always wanted to add to my closet: a black Hermes Kelly. To me it’s one of most classic and elegant bags out there – but in the past, I always thought that my clothes and general lifestyle were probably too casual for a black Kelly.

Since I started using my Vert de Gris Kelly however, I actually realize that the Kelly is a great casual bag. The strap makes it easy to carry (I’d love to add a canvas one), and the retourne style (versus sellier) adds a casual vibe.  Last year I mentioned to Mr. Feather that a black version was now on my future wish list, and he very charmingly blabbed that he had already ordered one, but had no idea when it was going to arrive. However, when Mr. Feather returned from a trip last week, he came through the door with a big orange bag!

Hermes Box

I was very happy to open up the box and discover what was inside – a black chevre Kelly in 28cm, with gold hardware. Yahoo!

Kelly closed

I’ve always admired the Hermes bags I’ve seen in chevre, and had told Mr. Feather that it was one of my favorite leathers. The only item that I have in chevre though, is a slightly banged up wallet (still in working condition) and he didn’t really see the appeal. He said that once he saw the leather in the shop, he definitely understood – it is lightweight, has a beautiful sheen, and even smells good! It has a wonderful feel against the hand. Continue Reading