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Favorite Baby Products

Sale PSA: A split harness style bootie from Lucky, now under $100 (I have a version of this bootie and it’s super comfortable, and the split is very flattering to the leg line), a pretty embroidered tulle dress from Temperley, now 60% off (I also like this black mini silk one, for under $500), a split hem layered sweater from Treasure & Bond, now under $55, and a simple and flattering stripe knit dress from Theory, now $135. 

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite baby products, that I’ve found over the past year. This post is long overdue and I apologize – I kept wanting to add more and more things to the list (and over time, also take some off!). I also always feel a bit nervous doing baby posts, since I know that they aren’t everyone’s interest. I hope this helps some of you who are expecting, and I’d also love to hear some of your favorite baby/toddler products as well!


Freshly Picked Moccasins: These are my favorite shoes for baby Feather and we have collected a ridiculous number of pairs now. They’re so soft, easy to wear, and are the only shoes he doesn’t actively try to pull on and off. The quality is great and the company has good customer service as well. And they’re so cute right??

Mia Mily

Mia Mily Hipster: We have the prior version of this carrier, and it is by far my favorite carrier product. Baby Feather LOVES it and will literally sit with excited anticipation as I put it on. I love it, and we use it all the time. This is a carrier for a slightly older baby – we started using this maybe around four months or so? But after we started, we never looked back! Do note that this is a slightly bulkier carrier due to the built in seat, which makes it tougher to just stuff into a diaper bag, etc. For a more traditional, softer carrier, we also have the Ergobaby Organic. Continue Reading

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