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Style (and More) After Baby

I’ve been receiving quite a few questions about how my style has changed after baby. This is a topic I addressed briefly earlier in this post, but I think you guys want more details…so I sat down and wrote down some more thoughts about how my style and shopping habits have changed after having a kid. While doing this, I had some general before/after thoughts as well, so put them all together in this post. Please share what’s changed for you before and after kids as well….I’d love to hear!

1. I machine wash everything now. Yes, everything. I basically only send things to the dry cleaner twice a year now, after each season, for one big cleaning, but otherwise, everything needs to be able to be cleaned by machine. This includes all my expensive cashmere pieces like Saint Laurent and Chanel, which just gets dumped in a delicates bag and then air dried over the tub. It’s worked out fine so far, and one of my Saint Laurent sweaters even has suede (!) elbow patches. I just brush them out after they dry. Speaking of Chanel…

2. I have not shopped the Chanel RTW sale for at least two seasons. Normally the Chanel sale is like an event…you prepare for it the week before, noting down everything you want, your size in them, and which stores have it stocked. Then the day before, you go on a crazy email/texting spree, trying to secure everything before the salespeople give it to their super VIPs more important than you. It’s kind of an adrenaline rush, and I’m the sort of loser who normally finds this kind of event fun. However, I’ve come to terms with the fact that Chanel RTW is not practical for my daily life (except for those excellent cardigans and sweaters), and thus have taken a pass the last few sales. Naturally then, this is the season that out of a blue, a sales associate contacted me with all kinds of fabulous goodies they had on hold, including that classic gold tweed jacket from Paris Rome. But I was strong and passed. Sigh. Continue Reading


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