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A Perfect Murder: The Wardrobe

Have any of you seen this movie – A Perfect Murder?


I first saw it when it came out in 1998 and I remember at the time thinking how glamorous Gwyneth Paltrow’s wardrobe and haircut was in the film. I’ve been able to catch it on TV a few times since in the years after, and it’s a good, if not outstanding, movie. Gwyneth’s closet though? Still spectacular! Her style in A Perfect Murder is undeniably expensive and luxurious, yet also very understated, and conservative (but never stodgy). She repeats many of the same items and pieces throughout, much like a simple peon like myself might. Thus, I’ve always found her style in the movie to be very inspirational.

I tried to Google some looks from the movie so I could share some favorites with you – however many of the photos I saw were fuzzy and I couldn’t find many of my favorite looks. So I decided to watch it again myself, and take some screenshots chronologically so I could share all of the great looks (hopefully without giving away any spoilers). I tried to do my best in this closet breakdown, though the movie is often set in a “darker” color tone, so please forgive the shadows. And remember as you’re scrolling through  – this movie is 16 years old now. I’ve also added in some of my own suggestions for modern day versions of Gwyneth’s looks throughout, in italics.

So the first look – coming in from work. Hi honey (Michael Douglas in Gwyneth’s case), I’m home! Classic shirt, suit jacket, coat, and a hint of pearls.

Want the same classic blazer? I would recommend this lovely number from Akris, or for a more modern twist, this Helmut Lang tux cut (and at half the price too). 

a perfect murder gwyneth 2

Next, hanging out more casually at home – no more pearls, jacket or coat. But still very chic in the plain white shirt and cami underneath.

a perfect murder gwyneth 8

Dolled up for a function that evening. How perfect is her diamond necklace? So simple yet you know that this is an incredible piece. I believe this is Cartier.

a perfect murder gwyneth 10

The next morning – at work again! In her uniform of blouse + simple strand of doubled white pearls.

For a similar look, I would recommend this beautiful Mikimoto strand, or at a mere fraction of the price, this glass Nordstrom strand at $50. 

a perfect murder gwyneth 12

Out and about after work…in a lovely paisley shawl.

For paisley, I think you can never go wrong with Etro – they have heavier weights in winter, and lighter weights in summer. 

a perfect murder gwyneth 9

Her super cool, unique wedding band.

gwyneth a perfect murder 22

gwyneth a perfect murder 23

Back at work! This time in a blue blouse and a sweater draped casually over the shoulders.

a perfect murder gwyneth 11

Her bag of choice (throughout the entire movie)? Hermes black box sellier Kelly with gold hardware, of course!

a perfect murder gwyneth 15

Heading out to lunch – I wanted to include this to show this killer brown shearling coat she wears throughout the movie.

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