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Closet Care – Cashmere

I’ve written a few times before about my love of cashmere – each season, I can’t resist adding at least a few new items to my closet. Over time, I’ve learned quite a bit through trial and error about selecting the best pieces, and taking care of them. I thought I’d share them with you, as part of my Closet Care series.


Some favorite cashmere shawls

Purchasing: I generally recommend that one buy the best quality of cashmere that one can afford. There’s seriously nothing like a high quality, thick ply, super soft cashmere sweater. In my experience, ones manufactured in the UK/Scotland are the best.

That being said, some cashmere prices can be seriously scary, and there’s also the supreme rage that may overcome you when your brand new filmy Cucinelli ends up serving as a delicious snack for an enterprising band of moths. And, expensive doesn’t always equal better (though the best items do usually end up pricier). Make sure to feel each piece that you consider buying – does it feel thick? Is it already pilling? Some luxury brands aren’t known for their knits and I have found myself less than impressed with some quite expensive brands. I wouldn’t necessarily buy cashmere from say, Cavalli. Continue Reading

Closet 101 Style

The Sentimental Items

In my prior post about saying goodbye to some bags from my closet, I mentioned that I was currently Birkin-less (yes, in my world that’s an official state). Anyway, that meant that a bag associated with one of my favorite vacation…

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Closet 101 Style

Favorite Super Basics

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorites of what I call my “super basics” – aka, the really casual items in my wardrobe, that I get incredible “cost per wear’ out of it – as in, pennies,…

Dresses 2
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Cost Per Wear Review: Dress Edition

Continuing on my cost per wear series, I thought I’d write about one of the types of clothing which I particularly utilize a lot of during the summer months – dresses. I love dresses and will totally take a dress over a…

At the Accessories Council Awards in 2005
Closet 101 Interview Style

Interview with Teri Agins

Today’s post is an interview with one of my favorite fashion journalists and writers  – Teri Agins. Teri is one of the most respected reporters covering the fashion business, an author of several books about the industry, and a featured byline…