Hi, I’m Kat. I enjoy travel, style, food, reading and try to explore all those areas and more on this site. I started Feather Factor for a school project back in 2011, and then discovered that I really enjoyed it…and kept going! I am also lucky enough to know some fantastic people and have adored doing my interview series.

A bit on my background: I’ve worked in a few industries, ranging from tech to luxury. My undergrad was at Cal, where I was a heavy frequenter of Cheese Board. I worked in the Bay Area for a few years, and then moved to Boston for my MBA. Now, I’m back in California and work as a product manager in the tech industry. For most photos, I use a Nikon D610 camera.

Feather Factor is a site written for pleasure, in my spare time, about the things I love and that interest me. The opinions expressed are always completely my own. This site does use affiliate links, which can generate a commission, as well as display ads.

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