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Hi, I’m Katherine. I love traveling, style, food, reading and try to explore all those areas and more on this site. I started Feather Factor for a school project in 2011, and then discovered that I really enjoyed it…and kept going! I am also lucky enough to know some fantastic people and have adored doing my interview series.

A bit on my background: I’ve worked in a few industries, ranging from high tech to retail. My undergrad was at Cal, where I was a heavy frequenter of Cheese Board and Top Dog. I worked in finance and marketing for a bit, and then moved to Boston for my MBA. Now, I’m back in California and work as a product manager in the tech industry.

For most photos, I use a Nikon D3100 or Nikon D610 camera. Feather Factor does use affiliate links, and is hosted via Bluehost. For more on my partnerships policy, please visit here, and you can also email me directly at katherine@featherfactor.com.