Weekend Update

Sale PSA: Dior “So Real” sunglasses, now 40% off, Valentino Rockstud block heel sandals, now 40% off (limited sizes but very popular style/color), adorable kitten heel pumps from Miu Miu, now 40% off, an excellent camera sized crossbody Falabella bag from Stella McCartney, now $422 (I’m highly tempted by this one), and lace up “Babies” sandals from Saint Laurent, now 30% off. 

1. I have a slight obsession with the brand The Reformation lately. However, the prices can be a little high for how flimsy the goods are (fun fact – I ordered 4 dresses and the UPS alert informed me the box weighed 1 pound).

So I’m always on the lookout for similar pieces for less, like this beautiful ASTR maxi.

I love so many aspects of this dress – the fact that there’s a sheer element but that it’s also lined in the right places, the loose caftan like fit, and the slit. Throw in some lace and we’re good to go.

2. An interesting point of view on savings and financial responsibility – If Everyday is a Rainy Day, What Am I Saving For? Sometimes I do feel like personal finance articles – as good as their intentions are – can get a little preachy, as if you’re a terrible person if you’re in debt but want to buy a latte. In my opinion, being balanced with money means allowing yourself to blow off a little steam, once in a while.

3. The funnest article I read this week, via NY Mag, about The Ranch, a “celebrity wellness retreat” in Santa Monica. I actually really want to go to a wellness spa after I give birth, but probably not somewhere so extreme (I’d like one that focuses primarily on smoothies and massage please!). If you read Girls, it reminded me a lot of the Hannah/surfing episode.

4. Another article via The NY Times, by Vanessa Friedman, on Rihanna the fashion icon. Confession: I am a bigger fan of Rihanna than Beyonce. Yes, stone me! She’s just too cool.

5. This week I’m really just binging on TV, so I thought I’d recommend an old favorite of mine,  A Town Like Alice.

A Town Like Alice travels from WW II Asia to the Australian outback, and paints a vivid picture of each setting. And I love this love story…something about it is just so touching. Do note that there seems to be some complaints about the Kindle version – I have an old paperback I bought used. Recommended for any lovers of well written historical fiction (especially WWII era).

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  • ahhhsoneo
    June 2, 2017 at 8:28 am

    as always, your article choices are on point. The rainy day article made me sad, it speaks to a certain level of self-awareness, and brutally honest (yet hilarious) confession to how finance is so difficult for most of us. between the lack of self-esteem and the marketers knowing exactly how to exploit said lack…. the author seems doomed.

    The ranch article had me cracking up. 4 carrot sticks and a poop bag! I did once catch a man pooping on a hike while his wife/female friend stood some distance away laughing at him.
    have a good weekend.

  • Diane
    June 2, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    I loved the campaign Rihanna did with Dior, it was so effortless and cool!