How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – The Wardrobe

Today’s wardrobe recap is of a romantic comedy which many of you may be familiar with – the still-played-pretty-darn-often-on-cable How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days

It was fun doing a wardrobe recap for this (I’ll admit it) romantic comedy that I’ve always found pretty darn funny. It’s my guilty pleasure, okay? I remember thinking that Kate Hudson had a great wardrobe when I first watched the movie, and I was pleasantly surprised that more than a decade later (it was released in 2003), a lot of the looks still looked very current.

How To Close A Guy 1

Our first look – Kate in a very office appropriate look, a basic blouse tucked into a pencil skirt. I like that she has some color with her big Prada tote – it makes the whole outfit more interesting and it’s a great bag, too! I like these two this season from Prada – this blue suede is a standout, and this black/gray combination is a way to add some unique twist to the classic black work tote (for those afraid of color, like me).

How To Close A Guy 2

The only shot I have from the film that doesn’t have Kate Hudson. Shalom Harlow!

How To Close A Guy 3

Do you remember this pretty gray halter dress, which looked fairly demure from the front…

How To Close A Guy 6

…but then had this great back? I loved it, and still do. It’s the kind of dress I wish and pray that Helmut Lang will make each season. The closest I’ve ever been able to find is this dress by Bec & Bridge, which although not too close, is pretty darn beautiful itself (and it’s reversible!).

How To Close A Guy 4

Next, just a quick shot of Kate’s stacked gold rings. I have always adored these ALOR stacked cable rings. On my wish list.

How To Close A Guy 5

The next morning, in a casual blue blouse with a black cami peeking underneath. I love that Kate in this movie works at a woman’s magazine, yet doesn’t dress in that now-cliche wardrobe of all black, with hipster eyeglasses.

How To Close A Guy 7

A reminder that one can look very cute in sports paraphernalia.

How To Close A Guy 8

Next, another shot of Kate. I chose this one because you can see more of her jewelry, including that always classic gold Cartier Tank.

How To Close A Guy 9

Next, relaxing and eating in a flimsy dress and sandals.  I really just chose this photo because of those sandals. They look like a baby between Anthropologie and Aquazzura.

How To Close A Guy 10

How To Close A Guy 11

Remember this adorable dress? Dresses like these are in my opinion, why Anthropologie exists. You can always find a good version there (like this one – and on sale, to boot).

How To Close A Guy 12

Next, preppy in a Burberry silk scarf tied around the neck of a little turtleneck sweater. I’ve always loved this look and would try it out with maybe a 70 cm Hermes scarf or pocket square (or maxi Twilly)! over a warm turtleneck, like this merino wool one from J.Crew.

How To Close A Guy 14

Next, in a khaki blouse (a great color for Kate, by the way). I like this one by Vince Camuto – choose the color “sesame”.

How To Close A Guy 15

Next, one of my favorite scenes in the movie (remember this one?) in this little summer dress.

How To Close A Guy 16

This dress reminds me of something that Marc by Marc Jacobs would have made then. Of course it isn’t available anymore, so I found a close match (though solid colored) by Tommy Bahama. Very girly!

How To Close A Guy 17

Next, a sleeveless polo paired with a big floral skirt. I love this look, very preppy. You can try this with any sleeveless (or short sleeve) polo top, with a floral skirt like this one from Ted Baker.

How To Close A Guy 18

Next, in an all American white tank and blue denim look. My favorite tank – the appropriately named “Favorite Tank,” from J.Crew.

How To Close A Guy 20

Next, in a pretty multi-colored pearl necklace. I like this baroque strand from Majorca – definitely a statement piece.

How To Close A Guy 21

Next up – probably the most famous outfit from the movie – this beautiful yellow dress. If you want to see the whole gown, go back to the top of this post – it’s on the movie poster!

How To Close A Guy 24

The back is what really made this dress, and the color was perfect for Kate Hudson. Itss hard for me to recommend one similar to this – this was really a unique dress (though I’m sure you could find knockoffs on Alibaba).

Instead, I’ll suggest this beautiful gold sequin gown from Aidan Mattox instead – I’ve tried this on, and it’s a knockout. It would look good on a variety of bodies, and especially on blondes!

How To Close A Guy 23

And finally, in a casual black blazer and lace camisole combination.

How To Close A Guy 25

All right – and that just about does it from How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days!

Lessons learned?

1. Know your colors. I feel like this is a lesson I’ve stated before from prior movies, but it’s important and so obvious in this movie, so why not? Kate looks great in beige tones and especially yellow. Yes that dress was a stunning gown…but it looked especially good on her, because it went with her skintone and hair color.  Know your colors and use them well, especially when you need some “knockout” items!

2. Don’t be afraid to “push the boundaries” a bit. Kate’s style in this movie is pretty clean, preppy, and for the most part quite Anthropologie like, sometimes veering onto cute. But she doesn’t stick consistently there, and mixes in a few daring pieces, like the low backed, quite sexy gray cocktail dress we saw in the beginning.

3. Experiment with a non-black “staple” bag. OK, I admit this one is a little specific but I love Kate Hudson’s brown and blue Prada tote in the beginning of the movie. I love how it’s different than the expected black work tote that most of us have. It adds something special to her outfits. I’d love to find something like this to use each day. It’d make getting dressed for work each morning a tiny bit better.

Plus, it reminds me of one of my very first “fancy” items, a baby blue leather Prada wallet that my mom bought me one day, just to be nice. It was more than 15 years ago but I still remember that wallet, and how it matched with everything, even though it was baby blue.

What did you all think about this movie? Am I alone in rating it a romantic comedy classic?

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  • Sonya
    November 10, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    Wonderful review. I remember that yellow long gown very well.

  • Ava Lon
    November 11, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Dear Katherine,

    I completely agree – a romantic comedy classic! 😀 And I love that yellow dress! I also thought the Aiden Mattox dress was gorgeous, too! I might have to pick one up for the upcoming holiday parties – thank you for that! 🙂 Those multi-colored pearls on KH’s pearl necklace are gorgeous, too! The only outfit I wasn’t a fan of was when she wore that dress with a matching tote bag in the same fabric – a bit too much on the matchy-matchy — but I do like the dress on it’s own.

    Chanel just had an employees only sale for some of their fancier-high-priced items. *sigh* Wish I was an employee, lol. 😉

    Did you see the new espadrilles that came out for Cruise? Are you getting any this time around?

    Great review!

    • Katherine
      November 11, 2014 at 8:18 pm

      Employee only sale? Why do you tempt me with such news! I did see a quick photo snippet – didn’t get a chance to really take a looksy though. There is a high possibility I’ll be picking up a pair this time around!

      I agree with you on the matching bag and dress, too matchy! I tried on that Aidan dress and it really is stunning, but keep in mind it runs big and is pretty heavy because of all the beading.

  • val
    November 11, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    I had never seen this movie before, but this post made me watch it today. It was cute! I love your posts like these. Keep them coming!

  • Emily
    November 11, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    This movie is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! I also love love love that gorgeous yellow dress.

  • Vivian
    December 5, 2014 at 12:43 am

    Totally one of my favorite romcom movies of all time, and yes, the fashion was a part of the reason! I cannot believe it’s been 10 years+ since that movie?! This post makes me think I should pull out the colored pearls my mom gifted me more often. It looks refreshing on Kate here, and not as “old” as I usually think.

  • beth
    October 16, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    I would love to know where to find a monogram sweater like she was wearing in the beginning of the movie.

  • Teresa
    November 25, 2016 at 7:35 am

    What is the name of the ring she wears and where can I get it. I know it is ALORS but what style because I can not find it.