Jan 182013

I love red coats. I always stop to admire them on shop racks in the fall/winter season, and I think they look wonderful against blacks and grays (amongst many other colors). Since I have lots of neutrals in my wardrobe, I love having a coat add a pop of color.

One of my favorite trenches is this Sportmax red trench which I bought in 2009. The cut and the flared bottom all spoke to me and I committed the sin of purchasing this jacket at full price. I especially love the silk lining even though it’s only me that sees it!

SportMax coat

Sportmax coat (love this classic version)

Another great perk of red coats is that they can still be worn well through spring and even summer – so really they are year round. I have a great weakness for coats and really need to stop buying them (though I just added another brightly colored one, which I hope to share with you soon). It’s been unseasonably cold here!

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  20 Responses to “The Red Coat”

  1. I finally bought the classic oversized MaxMara camel hair coat years ago and have worn it every year since. A favorite brand of mine.

  2. It’s lovely, red coats are cheery in winter and full on glamorous in summer.

  3. Gosh that coat is gorgeous Katherine! Love the lining – like a secret luxury to be enjoyed by the wearer alone.

  4. That’s a beautiful red coat. I love to buy jacket and coat too but I’m from a hot country so I can only use it when I travel to a colder place.

  5. Beautiful coat! I know what you mean about the lining thing. I won’t buy a coat unless the lining is just as darling as the outside. When your wearing it it just makes you feel good. Plus, other people can enjoy it when you take it off and put it on a coatrack, chair, or such.

  6. I’ve never thought to buy a red coat. I should give it a try when I’m in a store just to see how it fits into my wardrobe.

  7. Great coat! Love the look.

  8. I tried on that leopard sweater today! I didn’t like it for me but I bet it would look fab on you. I did pick up a couple other items that were on sale. 🙂 Love the red coat…trying to bring more red into my wardrobe and would love something like this! Looks FABULOUS!

  9. Whenever I see red coats I always think of Little Red Riding Hood haha! Love how they brighten up any outfit

  10. I love Coach’s rainbow legacy linings. It reminds me of when I was a kid and wore qipaos. Granted, others couldn’t see the colorful striped inside but it made me happy:).

  11. So cute! I own three fun-colored coats and for some reason two of them are aqua. Red would be really useful, though!

  12. That is a gorgeous color! love it!

  13. I love Max Mara!
    I used to have a red trench, and would wear it every time it wasn’t too cold. Unfortunately it became too big on me… I should probably buy another one.
    You look really nice in your red trench!

  14. I love your red trench! I heard this brand recently from a friend of mine, who spoke very high of the clothes from sportmax. She bought hers from a local boutique. Where did you find yours? any link?


    • Hi Alexa, I bought mine at my local MaxMara boutique here in SF. I’m sure you can find it in a larger MaxMara store and SportMax has standalone stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

  15. […] all the beautiful coats and trying not to look at the price tags. I adore my red coat (which I wore here), but it’s a little formal and I wanted a more casual colored option. Unfortunately, all the […]

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