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What I Go Through For The Perfect Fitting Shoe

Like a good dutiful daughter, I picked up these Chanel flats for my mom last time I was at Heathrow passing through duty free. I stopped by her house the other day and she still hadn’t worn them… sacrilege! She said she had too many pairs and so gave them back to me. Unfortunately they are half a size too small, but it is my fiduciary and style responsibility to make them fit. I am using the “sock trick” which I do with my patent Louboutins – essentially wearing a pair of socks inside the shoe and wearing them around for a few hours, which stretches them out perfectly (trust me, it works). However due to a lazy laundry crisis I only have “sock monkey” themed socks right now so the whole getup looks especially ridiculous. I look like the munchkins from Wizard of Oz.

The shoes….can’t we work things out?? Please???

Now take this sock monkey…and add:

These excellent munchkin inspirations

 And you have my outfit today…am I crazy?

These are the lengths I am currently going through for a perfect fitting pair of ballet flats. I’ve already forgotten that I was wearing this and emerged briefly in public this morning only to scare our mailroom attendant and scurry back into my hidey hole. But the shoes will fit perfectly soon! Seriously, try it out!

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