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On Work/Life Balance

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Work/life balance is a topic that I’ve thought about for years and have never had the guts to write about. Even now I feel strange posting about it. Because what do I really know? I keep changing how I feel and think about this topic and likely even a year from now I’ll be in a different place. But for today I wanted to share my thoughts on work/life balance, about six months into my second baby and a little over two years into my first one.

Here is a summary of what my work life has been like since having children:

  • 6 month mark (after baby #1 is born): Leave job
  • 1 Year: Baby is 1, so decide well I should either go back to work or just go for the second since I’m already out of the game. What to do, what to do? Agonize.
  • 1 Year + some months: Pregnant with #2
  • 2 Years: Give birth to #2. Shortly after, start to work (very) part-time from home

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