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2018 Wardrobe Resolutions

Sale PSA: Pedro Garcia Yanni sandals, now 60% off, the “Elevated” style over the knee boot from Stuart Weitzman, now 40% off, beautiful silk lace up sandals from Alexandre Birman, now under $260 (also on sale at Nordstrom, but almost entirely sold out), and an adidas Originals hoodie, now under $50 (one of my favorite bumming around the house items, even if a friend did say I looked like an aspiring Kardashian)

Happy 2018! Did you have a good holiday? I performed my normal NYE routine (post children) of celebrating promptly at east coast time (aka 9 PM my time) and then eating chocolate and going to bed. My husband and I talked about whether we’d ever go out and stay up past midnight like we used to. Maybe one day. But I kind of like getting a lot of sleep. We’ll see.

Below are my 2018 wardrobe resolutions for the year…all of them are kind of related.

1. Get out of my mommy rut. I have accumulated quite the collection of leggings and hoodies, it’s really quite shameful. Compounding matters is the fact that I have quite a lot of pretty, semi-delicate items (my kind of new Constance, my favorite Simon Miller, these pretty Pedro Garcia heeled mules I just ordered because my other pairs of Pedros are comfortable and I figured these must be too) and they’re kind of just mostly sitting in my closet. This year, I vow that I will use these items more. I always feel better about myself when I do.

2. Have more fun. Even so-called “classic” items can feel stale after a while due to a certain cut, material, etc. So why not enjoy some trendy pieces? We have our whole lives to go back to classic, no? Whereas I feel like I’ve already aged out of a bunch of trends (I observe crop tops only from a very safe distance). Continue Reading


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Sale PSA: A faux leather black moto jacket from BLANKNYC (a great inexpensive option), now just under $60, a great chunky black cashmere scarf from Madeleine Thompson, now 50% off (I’m very tempted by this), a bell sleeved flounce…


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