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2017 Wardrobe Resolutions

Sale PSA: A faux leather black moto jacket from BLANKNYC (a great inexpensive option), now just under $60, a great chunky black cashmere scarf from Madeleine Thompson, now 50% off (I’m very tempted by this), a bell sleeved flounce hem dress from Theory, now 60% off, and a simple and versatile cashmere zip front cardigan from Saks, now under $100. 

Happy 2017! I wish you all a wonderful year and hope you had a great holiday season. Here are my 2017 wardrobe resolutions and as always, I’d love to hear yours.

The always tempting Pomellato Nudo, $2350

1. Buy myself a nice trinket. 2016 was the year of mommy guilt for me. It was the year we calculated preschool costs, the year we realized that we might want to move into a new place down the line, and thus the year I freaked out about our never ending litany of expenses and luxury shopping lost some of its fun. But I’ve realized that while our lifestyle has changed, I can still treat myself once in a while. And you know what’s impervious to sticky hands, that you never have to worry about moths eating away at simply because you haven’t worn it in four months? Jewelry! So I vow to get myself a nice new piece of jewelry which I can treasure and enjoy. Continue Reading


Wardrobe Resolutions – 2016

Each year, I do some wardrobe resolutions for myself in January, to help me stick to some general style goals throughout the year. After some thought, these are mine for 2016…I’d love to hear yours! 1. Dress up more. In the…

Closet 101

2014 Wardrobe Resolutions: Final Results

I promised an update to my 2014 Wardrobe Resolutions earlier last week, with some special detail paid to Resolution #3 (25 items or less). Let’s see how I did, shall we? Resolution #1: Closet trim down. Done. Lots of…

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Wardrobe Resolutions 2015

I started doing wardrobe resolutions in the beginning of January a few years ago (you can read 2014’s here), and it’s been interesting for me to go back to each one at the end of each year. I have…


Beauty Resolutions

A reader (hi S!) recently wrote me about my 25 item wardrobe resolution for 2014, and how that might extend to skincare/beauty. This was a question that I struggled a bit to answer, because I actually already have a…

Closet 101 Style

2014 Wardrobe Resolutions

Last year, I put together my 2013 wardrobe resolutions, and it was a very helpful exercise for me. I had three resolutions – to further trim down my closet, to continue to track my purchases, and to only add…