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Wardrobe Resolutions – 2016

Each year, I do some wardrobe resolutions for myself in January, to help me stick to some general style goals throughout the year. After some thought, these are mine for 2016…I’d love to hear yours!

via The Coveteur

via The Coveteur

1. Dress up more. In the months leading up to having baby Feather, I basically lived in gigantic jersey tent dresses. And then right afterwards, more muumuu like apparitions…and…pajamas. I remember the first time I put on an actual fitted dress and heeled shoes – it was a month or so after, and I thought I’d be so uncomfortable, after months of leggings. And yup, it was a little uncomfortable – hey, I hadn’t worn anything fitted in half a year! But it actually felt really good, to be dressed nicely and not be afraid of running into someone I knew and needing to blurt out, “I don’t usually look like this…I just had  a baby!”. Being pregnant made me really appreciate my “old” body, the one that fit some of the beautiful items that I had neglected, hanging in the closet. I’m determined to wear some more of those items. In the Bay Area, almost every destination and occasion is casual clothing appropriate…but I’ll try to not always go that route. Continue Reading

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Closet 101

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