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Wardrobe Recap: By The Sea

Sale PSA: The classic waxed cotton jacket from Barbour, now 25% off, a black silk sleeveless maxi shirtdress from Equipment, now 60% off, a pretty fringed lace up dress from ALC, now 70% off (final sale though), and a very chic zip up tweed jacket from IRO, now 40% off. 

Also! Remember how earlier I mentioned how Matches is cheaper on certain brands than the US? Here’s a prime example I’ve been drooling over – this classic camel Max Mara coat (which also happens to be reversible!). It’s just $1462 on Matches, versus $2690 at Nordstrom. These price differences don’t always last (Matches seems to sometimes adjust), so I’d grab the Matches coat if you love it! 

It’s been a while since I did a wardrobe recap, but thanks to a reader suggestion (hi T!) I decided to a review a movie which has been on my radar for a while: By The Sea, starring Angelina Jolie (or Jolie Pitt, as she was still credited as in this movie) and Brad Pitt.

I’d heard this movie had great fashion, but I had put off watching it because it had mediocre to horrible reviews. After watching it, I must confirm both points – great fashion, but the film itself was (very) tedious, and depressing. I’m usually team Angelina, but oh man.  Only the great scenery, including the outfits, kept me watching until the end…the best way I can describe the set is as one long Instagram of the French Riviera. That being said, there are some great, classic looks in this movie, set in the mid 1970’s (so very current day Gucci), so if you’re willing to suffer a healthy dose of pretentiousness for the sake of fashion, I’d give it a try. Otherwise, you can just read this recap! Enjoy!

One of our first shots of Angelina emerging – a nice little pointy toed leopard pump. Nice. If you want a forever pair like these I’d check out this pair by Jimmy Choo – otherwise there’s also a pair from Tory Burch with good reviews, and on sale, for under $220.

Our first good shots of Angelina’s outfit. I like the mustard scarf detail with the leopard hat, and the chic white dress. The glasses are vintage YSL and were one of my favorite wardrobe details from the film. Fun fact – these were one of the only actual “vintage” items! Most of the clothes were made in the present day specifically for the movie. Continue Reading


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