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Favorite Sale Purchases

Since we’re wrapping up sale season (and going out with a bang with Chanel, that is if you can find your size), I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spring/summer sale purchases over the past few years. Sale time is one of the best shopping times for obvious reasons (lower prices! yeah!) but also one of the most dangerous periods where one is most at risk for splurging on never-wear items like holographic leggings. Now I try to really limit myself, and fortunately have found some items I love!

1. J.Crew cotton fisherman sweater. This is my favorite summer sweater!  I bought it last year during one of J.Crew’s markdown sales. I wear it all the time and I love that it’s a full cotton blend, no synthetics. I think I got it something like 50% off. This is one of those items that I am approaching cost-per-wear in the cents now versus dollars – and aren’t those the best? For those looking for a current season version, J.Crew has lots of different sweaters (and more) on markdown.

J.Crew Fisherman

2. Miu Miu slingback gingham sandals. These are probably one of my “funner” pairs of shoes, sad and lonely in a closet filled with more boring black and nude pumps. I snagged these on second markdown, which I count as a small miracle since I was told by several sales associates when I was looking for them that they were sold out in my size…at full price.

I bookmarked their page on Bergdorf Goodman and one day I randomly decided to visit…and saw that my size, and only my size, was in stock and available! I placed the order immediately and held my breath until they shipped. They arrived safe and sound! I wear them whenever I want a “pick me up” from my closet (and on the 4th of July).

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