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Weekend Update

1. I’ve always received wonderful advice from readers when seeking out certain items, so today I’m sharing another conundrum of mine – comfortable high heeled sandals.

I have tried so many different pairs of sky high heeled sandals over the years, and nothing beats the Saint Laurent Tributes in terms of great looks and decent comfort – not even heels of a much lower height. It must have something to due with the design of the straps and the super thick platform. I have two pairs of these now (one in the high version above, and another in the lower heeled version), but find myself in need of fun patent pair of sandals and wonder if I should be trying anything else? Plus, these bad boys are now near $900! Huh.

Do any of you have recommendations for pretty comfortable (I won’t say super comfortable, as I believe that is near impossible), high heeled sandals? Please, please share!

2. Some of you may have read the recent news about Condé Nast’s recent sale of Lucky Magazine. I receive Lucky each month in the mail due to some kind of free promotion they had, but if I’m being brutally honest I usually end up flipping through and tossing it out within five minutes, similar to a catalog. It hasn’t appealed to me for a while. 

I found this article, via Racked, written by Lucky’s former web editor Leslie Price a fascinating insight into the inner workings of not just Lucky, but also Condé Nast.   Continue Reading