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Do You Tone?

I’ve had a mixed history with using facial toner. I didn’t use it, then used it religiously as part of the “very scientific (aka plastic sliders on a white box) Clinique 3-Step method, then read that it was useless if you already had a good cleanser, so stopped altogether.

Recently however, as I started learning more about Asian skincare and all of its steps, I started thinking that I might want to use a toner again. I’ve tried a few out from both Asian and Western brands and while I’ve had mixed experiences with both, I can definitely report that adding a toner back into my routine was a good decision! It’s a bit gross yet satisfying to see the extra grime on the cotton ball and toning also seems to help prep my skin for moisturizers.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my most positive toner experiences. So positive in fact, that I finished an entire bottle and have purchased a new one (re-purchasing to me has always been the ultimate beauty product endorsement).

Presenting… Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Toner. In short, this is the best toner I’ve tried so far! It hits all the main points for me – no alcohol (too drying on my skin), a short list of natural ingredients (basically aloe, grapefruit, water and glycolic acid), and very reasonably priced. The toner is $18 for a large bottle which lasted me six months with daily use.

I use this toner at night because I’ll usually layer a heavier facial cream on top. I have pretty sensitive skin and it hasn’t irritated my face, but if you have very sensitive skin I might recommend the seaweed version.

Anyway, toner is back in my skincare routine and I think it is here to stay. How about you…do you “tone”?