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I’ve received a few questions about the bracelets that I usually wear in photos, so I thought I would share my the ones I wear most often today. I love bangles and bracelets and more or less wear one of everyday. I usually only wear one on my right or left hand. I love the look of stacked bangles and bracelets but they clank against my keyboard too much when I’m at work.

Bangles All

I have three favorite everyday bangles – one in yellow gold, one in silver, and one in rose. Each one means something special to me and two were actually gifts. My mother originally bought the yellow one for herself to match with a dress. She didn’t end up liking it too much so I swooped in. Score! A few days later my best friend gave me the silver version with the quote “Love makes the world go round”, she adores quotes about love so it is very her.

The rose gold cuff I bought for myself maybe five years ago. I loved the detail of the little pink sapphire and it was back in the days that Cartier was mailing out coupons – anybody else remember those times?

I wear the rose version probably the most, it fits the most closely since it’s a cuff which slides on.

Rose Bangles

If you’re in the market for a bangle, my advice would be to identify some styles you like, and then find a cheaper version and try it out for a while. If you find that you’re reaching for one daily and that its presence doesn’t bother you, I’d definitely splurge on one that you love. Here are some of my favorite bangles in higher and lower price points.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 8.47.26 PM

Higher (from left to right): one, two, three

Lower (from left to right): one, two, three

As a girl that’s always looking for another good bangle – I’d love to hear the ones that have proven tried and true for you. What are some of your favorite bangles and bracelets?