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Cape Town – V&A Waterfront, Test Kitchen, Fork and Table Mountain

This is part nine of my travel series to South Africa. For the complete series, please see below:

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Cape Town – V&A Waterfront, Test Kitchen, Fork and Table Mountain
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Today, I wanted to share some of the last remaining favorite sights and tastes we experienced during our trip to Cape Town – two of our favorite restaurants, the V&A Waterfront, and Table Mountain!

Our hotel Cape Grace was located in a touristy, but very lovely area of Cape Town – the Victoria & Albert, or V&A, Waterfront.What I loved about this area was that while it was clearly upscale/touristy, it was also a working port with large ships docked all around. I loved seeing them from our room at Cape Grace.


Even though I loved almost all of the food we had in South Africa, I still missed Asian food from time to time. I can’t go very long without eating Asian food and yes I am that person you’ll see in Paris eating at the Chinese restaurant next to the big tables filled with tour groups.

I was craving a bowl of noodle soup in Cape Town and when I saw this Taiwanese ship with workers on board slurping noodles, I nearly passed out in excitement! Sadly however, I found out that they were just eating some instant ramen that they had brought from home.


Walking over the bridge way from our hotel.


The V&A area was full of shops and places to eat. We checked out a building full of “food stalls”. We would have stopped by to eat here but didn’t have time during our stay.



The one meal we were able to fit in at V&A was at the lovely Harbour House, which came very highly recommended. It was about a ten minute walk from Cape Grace. We sat outside with a view of the docks right next to us.


The food was delicious! This was a gnocchi dish I ordered. So good and fattening.


Incredibly fresh fish – we ordered this dish based on what was on the blackboard as “just caught”. I would highly recommend going this route, this was a delicious King Clip. Continue Reading