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The Great Gatsby: The Wardrobe

I haven’t done a wardrobe recap for a while, partially because I’ve been watching less movies/TV lately, but also because the programs I do watch usually end up being about superheroes/clones. So,I haven’t had as much fashion fodder. The other night though, I was flipping through available movies on HBO and decided to finally watch The Great Gatsby. I thought I would have wanted to see it right when it came out, but the reviews were so uneven that I decided to sit it out.


Well, I was very glad that I finally took the plunge! I really enjoyed the movie. Yes, it wasn’t a cinematic masterpiece but I do believe that Baz Lurhmann and all involved put forth an incredible amount of effort to create a beautiful, gorgeous movie. There were so many incredible scenes and images to take in that my only complaint is that sometimes the movie felt like it was going too quickly. I would have wanted more time to enjoy the visual feast.

The same attention of course, was paid to the styling and fashion in the movie – very fitting and appropriate, since Fitzgerald himself was very conscious about the dress choices of his characters. In this movie recap, I largely focus on Daisy Buchanan, with some guest appearances by Jordan Baker. Onwards we go!

The first hint of Daisy we get in the movie? It’s not clothing, but rather jewelry….her very, very pretty wedding set. I wouldn’t mind one of these, for my right hand…and while we’re in fantasy land, make mine yellow!

The Great Gatsby 1

The Great Gatsby 2

Next, we see more of Daisy but just her face and jewels. And what spectacular bracelets and earrings they are. Daisy’s jewelry pieces are ones that I felt just seemed to whiz by in the movie, so I was happy to have an opportunity to really capture them in stills. Continue Reading