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Exploring Tokyo – Part Two

This post is part of my 2015 Japan series. For the rest, please see below.

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Marunouchi
Exploring Tokyo – Part One
Exploring Tokyo – Part Two
The Ritz Carlton Kyoto
Exploring Kyoto
Hiiragiya Ryokan – Kyoto
Souvenirs from Japan

On one of our last full days in Tokyo, we decided to visit some areas we had never seen before, and get out of the normal “shopping” areas we had been visiting.

Our first stop was Yanaka Ginza street in the Yanaka District, which we had been advised still had some of the “older, more traditional” atmosphere of Tokyo, when families on a street would all know each other and interact.

It was such a charming area and we loved walking around and checking out all the small temples, sights, and shops we encountered along the way.

Shopping Street

Of course right away I found myself distracted by a local doughnut stand and how to stop and try it out (ehh…I’ll stick with Mister Doughnut). My apologies to the buy local movement!

One very charming detail about the Yanaka area was that its main shopping street seemed to have a cat theme. A bunch of the shops sold “cat” themed merchandise, and there were plaster cats running along the roofs, etc.

Cat Shop

Speaking of doughnuts…there was even another doughnut shop further down the street that sold them in the shape of “cat tails!” I was sad that I had wasted my stomach space on the plain old regular sized doughnuts earlier.

Cat Doughnut

I found so much to browse through…I loved the little selections and thought it made for easier shopping than the huge department stores in Ginza and Shibuya, which can sometimes seem overwhelming.

By the way – my trainers you see here were recommended by a reader – Yuet – and I love them! I wore them throughout our trip and they were so comfortable. They’re the Asics Sana, and it comes in a bunch of colors too. And my jacket is from Herno.

Shopping Around

I particularly loved this tea shop specialized in selling teas and cups/pots from all over Japan. I love, love teacups and have a little collection. Maybe I will share some of my favorite buys in a future post. Continue Reading