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As Seen On Screen

Have you ever seen an item on TV, a movie, (or lets be honest – a celebrity in US Weekly) – and just had to have it? Become obsessed? Felt nothing for the item on the hanger, but when worn on someone familiar, in action – were hit by fashion lust?

I remember the first time I really liked something I saw on a celebrity – it was a little Juicy dress that was worn by Jessica Simpson on MTV Newlyweds (I know, I’m really dating myself here). I don’t even remember what it looked like (I think it was bright green?) but I do remember that it was by Juicy Couture, and that I later found it on eBay, only to see the price at something like $400. I guess a bunch of other people had seen the same episode! And my Juicy dream ended right then and there.


I first saw this Chanel jacket in the boutique as a new arrival in mid 2014. It was part of the Paris Dallas collection, and it was my favorite item out of everything I saw. I put it as #1 on my wishlist, but was quickly talked down by the sales associate, who said that it wasn’t a “classic” jacket. There was no tweed, and it wasn’t the classic silhouette, she said. Continue Reading

Closet 101 Style

On Cashmere

I am a cashmere addict. I love sweaters in general, and my favorite part of fall/winter is feeling cozy in a warm, super comfortable knit. And my warm fabric? Cashmere. Over the years I’ve amassed a slightly shameful collection…