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Weekend Update

1. This year I have loved so many items from Anthropologie! I don’t know if it’s just their designs this season or if I’m morphing more into the kind of person who would wear gingham aprons, and love every minute of it. Either way, here is one of my favorite dresses from Anthro that is on the top of my list as a transition item from summer to fall.

The dress is a great length for both summer and fall and goes great with both bare legs and tights. Plus, it’s machine washable (just like another one of my favorite Anthropologie dresses from earlier this summer). I vote for more machine washable items in general (I just put a Chanel cardigan in a little bag through the delicates wash earlier this week, and it went fine).

2. Fans of luxury hotels and Aman Resorts in particular will find this recent article from Fortune about the current battle over the future of Aman fascinating, (though perhaps depressing/alarming). Personally, I do hope that Adrian Zecha is able to remain in some capacity in the management of Aman hotels, and am slightly pessimistic about what a future without him would look like for Aman. Continue Reading