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Sonora Resort: Part One

After our short stay in Vancouver, we made our way to the ultimate destination for our trip – Sonora Resort, on Sonora Island. We spent four fantastic days at this resort and there was so much to see, eat, and do. Accordingly, I’ve split my review into two parts. I hope you enjoy.

From Vancouver, Sonora Island was only a short 45 minute trip away – by helicopter ride, that is! The resort operates its own helicopter flights through London Air, and these were the largest helicopters I had ever been on.


Checking the weather forecast one more time.


The view of Vancouver from the air – wow! This trip convinced me that I need to see all my favorite cities from the air, you appreciate them in a whole different way.



As we flew on, we saw the landscape gradually shift into just nature – there was so much vibrant green everywhere.

And then, the resort came into view.


We landed, and were greeted by the staff as soon as we exited the aircraft, and taken to the main lodge for a short introduction while our luggage was taken to our rooms.


The main lodge, where we ate all of our meals, was huge! There was a formal dining room, casual places to relax and play board games/read a book, and a bar as well.



There was also a casual games room…


…and a place for us to practice our golf swing (I’m terrible and resorted to cheating within the first 15 minutes).


After our introduction, we took a short walk through the stunning grounds to our room. It was our first time really walking around the resort – wow! The colors and landscaping were breathtaking, and the gardens were perfectly maintained. Continue Reading