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Solage Calistoga

Happy Friday! Guess what Mr. Feather and I are doing today?

….we are going to town hall, to get married! Yes, apparently this is what happens when you decide to have a bachelor friend who spent most of his life living in Europe get ordained for $20 on the internet, and marry you – you end up not being actually married. Here we thought that paying a zillion dollars for florals and buying various friends of your parent’s who you will never see again steak and scotch was all you needed to get married in America. But no, we actually are supposed to go fill out paperwork and sign some papers.

In the spirit of marriage, and since I think it may be a while before my actual wedding photos arrive, I wanted to share some pictures of the two day little “mini moon” that we took right after the wedding (our real honeymoon will be this winter). We stayed at Solage Calistoga for the first time for two days – it’s part of the Auberge family and pretty new – I really loved it there. We stayed on the property almost the entire time – it has a full beautiful spa, Michelin starred dining (both casual and more formal), great grounds and complimentary bikes to ride around in. We are definitely going to go back.

the bedroom..

Smores and strawberry greetings in the room 

Fireplace…I firmly believe all Napa/Sonoma lodging should have working fireplaces

Sitting area right outside..

…where you sit under a thatched roof!

Sitting and relaxing outside of Solbar with some pizza…

Have a fabulous weekend!