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How Do You Plan?

Halfway through this year, I switched to a paper planner. I used to be a paper planner girl all the way, but switched to my phone a few years ago (this may have been partially fueled by the mini bag trend). This year though, I made the switch back. I kept missing certain appointments because I only realized I had them on the calendar when alerted five minutes beforehand, and was missing the satisfaction of writing on paper as well. As soon as I went back, to a Moleskine pocket, I was very happy, though I had to admit it drove me a bit crazy to not be able to fill out a planner all the way, from the beginning of the year. The neurotic in me was highly considering going back and filling in past events just for the sake of it, but I deemed that too crazy (though I do like writing check lists just to check item off right away).


Anyway, since 2017 is just around the corner, I went on a planner/agenda hunt. And I finally found the perfect one! It’s this Smythson Panama Pocket Diary, and this is as close to perfect for my needs as I could imagine. Continue Reading


Paper Anniversary

marks officially one year since I got married. Woohoo! Since first anniversary gifts are supposed to be involve paper (I had to look this up, had no idea), I thought I would share some of my favorite stationery. I love…