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Shoe Review: Gucci Marmont Pumps and Kirkwood Beya Flats

I’ve been on a bit of a shoe shopping binge, and found a a few new pairs which I love (and, they’re also incredibly comfortable). Yeah!! Today I’d like to share with you two, starting with these Gucci Marmont pumps.

Just a season or two ago, you’d find me in disbelief over the idea of paying full price for Gucci shoes. I’m probably just a lemming, easy susceptible to the hype over Alessandro Michele, but in any case, I’ve become a recent convert. When I saw these shoes, and was told by my salesperson that they were selling like hot cakes, I was surprised – the past “popular” shoes he’d brought me all featured spindly high heels and/or super high platforms. These however, were pilgrim style loafers, with golf fringe and a low block heel to boot. And, they were crazy comfortable. Shoes that I could actually walk in all day…that were actually in style (and not trainers)? This doesn’t happen very often. So I enthusiastically handed over my credit card.

Gucci Marmont

Gap shirtdress (is lined, but still a bit sheer)

The shoes arrived, and I have to say that I love them. I’ve always been a fan of loafers, and these Guccis are a great twist on the style – the little bit of height makes them more comfortable to me than flats, and also they’re more  flattering for the leg because of the block heel. What a great combination! I also love the little fringed leather detail. I’m not wild about the gold Gucci logo – but I do feel like they fit in well with the tone of the shoe, and it isn’t too obnoxious. Continue Reading

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