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Wardrobe Recap: Shala Monroque

 My wardrobe recaps have so far been centered around movies and TV, but today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite style icons – Shala Monroque.

There’s many women out there who I admire for their wonderful style, but whose outfits I can’t see wearing myself. Shala however, has the kind of style which you don’t just admire, but actually want to emulate – at least, I want to! She has exceptional taste, never looks like she’s in costume (or got dressed up just to be photographed), and most of all looks extremely comfortable and assured in everything she wears. Here are some of my favorite looks and lessons learned from Shala.

1. The goal is to wear your favorite pieces over and over again. Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget that it’s “ok” to keep repeating our favorite items…especially when all these excellent new pieces keep getting released and you kind of forget about the trusty favorites in your closet. At least, that happens to me sometimes. Putting together this post though, spanning over five years of Shala’s style, I realized that she really does wear her favorite items over and over. For example, check out this large pearl necklace below. You’ll see it on her throughout all the photos in this post…with casual and dressy outfits alike.

Wearing favorites over and over = how signature items are created!


Style Du Monde

via Style Du Monde

Shala Monroque at Haider Ackermann

via Gastrochic

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