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Interview with Philipp

Today’s interview is with Philipp – a production manager from Italy. I wanted to feature Philipp because he is a very discerning customer in many aspects, with a wonderful eye for detail and quality. He’s someone who is very thoughtful about his purchases – and while he wants them to be beautiful and luxurious, he also wants them to have a functional place in his life. I really enjoyed getting to know Philipp more and I hope you all will too!

Louis Vuitton sunglasses, Serge Lutens fragrance

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

I am Philipp, I am a 29 year old (print) production manager living and working in a small town in Northern Italy.

You work and live in Italy. Can you share a bit about your city? What are some unique local fashions and styles of dress?

Northern Italy is – like most of Italy – breathtakingly beautiful: there is splendid architecture, cosmopolitan cities and lovely landscapes. The area I live in is characterised by this perfect mix of untouched nature and beautifully kept agricultural areas. What I like most about it is that with a 10-minute car ride you are in the midst of the (Alpine) countryside. It’s indeed a great place to live. Continue Reading