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The Fairmont San Francisco

Today I wanted to share with you where I spent the night before and after we got married. I am a huge fan of The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and tell all my visiting friends to stay there. It is such a beautiful building and the price isn’t so bad (a little more than Hilton, quite a bit less than Four Seasons…though if you have the budget, I recommend Four Seasons over Ritz). I encourage all of you to go and if you’re in the Bay Area, have high tea there. Warning – picture heavy post ahead!

This was the decor in the elevator bank on our floor – the whole hotel has a “Chinoiserie” decor to it that I absolutely love. I’d love to use a lot of inspiration in our own home one day.

The living area of our room – we stayed in “The Diplomat Suite.”

Extension of the living room…it was huge! We got ready here.

Kitty chair details! I was in love with this..

All the various chinoiserie touches…

A telescope we used to spy on boats in the harbor, and a gorgeous view..

I really wish this picture wasn’t so blurry – this was what was waiting for us in our suite – this entire sculpture is made out of chocolate!! The green part was chocolate chips, the orange was white chocolate. The whole thing was delicious except for the blackest parts which must have been 90% or so dark chocolate because they were bitter.

A little shot of the bathroom…I spent some time reading here on its edge and appreciating the view!

I hope you enjoyed this review of The Fairmont! I know there are newer hotels in San Francisco but to me, this is one of the top Fairmonts in the US (however I would spring for a suite or upgraded room).

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