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Singita Ebony – Day to Night

This is part two of my travel series to South Africa. For the complete series, please see below:

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Like many who travel to the Kruger Park area, we were very excited for a particular activity – to go and see animals! Throughout our trip we had fantastic rangers, trackers, and game viewing. This was my first time ever on safari, and I’ll be taking you through some of the highlights of our stay at Ebony, starting from day to evening.

Each morning, we would have a wake up call at 5:30 AM. Yes, non morning people – 5:30. We basically had half an hour to go do what we needed to wake up, and then made our way over to the main lodge for a quick snack and drinks at 6:00 AM.


If you look closely, you can spy grouchy me in these photos wearing a big fleece poncho. Even though by the afternoon we’d all be in t-shirts and shorts, the mornings were still quite cold. Singita was thoughtful enough to include a set of these ponchos in each room. They were basically like a slanket!



Each morning I’d grab a Nespresso and go for my favorite snack, the house made granola. Yum!


After about a 10-15 minute eating interval, we headed off with our tracker Jon and ranger Pete to our vehicle. If you don’t pre-book a private vehicle at Singita (we didn’t), you’ll typically be paired with 2-3 other people while on safari. At Ebony, we were paired with a father and son who were very fun (and we found out the dad was a James Beard award winner!).

Here’s me bundled up in the morning – yes I’m from California, yes I’m a big wimp. I was wearing a poncho, a fleece blanket, and a hot water bottle underneath everything (helpfully provided by our ranger Jon).


I have to admit that when we were packing for safari, neither me nor Mr. Feather really thought about photography. I have a little DSLR and my favorite Sony camera, and we basically packed them and hopped on our plane. When we arrived at Ebony however, we noticed that so many people seemed to have these great DSLR cameras, with fantastic zoom lenses.

Of course once we were on safari and staring at animals quite a bit away, we realized the need for these lenses! Mr. Feather and I still had a blast looking at animals and taking photos but they won’t all be the super clear sharp ones that you may be used to looking at for safari animal photos. I still love looking at ours (though next time we’re bringing a bigger camera for sure!).

Here was our very first animal sighting – a leopard resting by a tree! He had recently killed an impala and was taking a break for gorging.


And on that note..some impala. Impala were the most plentiful animal we saw on our trip, I think that they are so beautiful! Our ranger told us they have some of the most beautiful coats, they are always keeping very clean. Continue Reading