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The Hermes Sac Roulis

Today I want to share with you what is (in my opinion) one of the greatest little bags that Hermes has introduced in the last few years – the Sac Roulis. The Roulis had been on my radar for a while, but literally almost a year went by, and I still hadn’t seen one in the local store in San Francisco. I was very interested in it because it was a new shoulder style, looked fairly “low key”, and was convertible (!!) from a shoulder to a cross body bag.

While we were in Paris in November, I had the opportunity finally to try on a few of the bags I had been debating between – a Constance (23/24 size), a Berline, and this Sac Roulis. I actually loved all three but a quick death glare from Mr. Feather ensured that I would only be taking home one. So in the end, the Roulis won!

Hermes Roulis

One of the reasons I was drawn to the Roulis was the back pocket. I love bags with this little pocket – perfect for a phone and little receipts/tickets. I especially like them on shoulder bags as they are extremely convenient.

Hermes Roulis Back

An idea of what the Roulis looks like on the shoulder. Mine is in Clemence, so there’s a softness and some “give” to the leather. In stiffer leathers and croc, the Roulis can seem quite a bit larger – I saw each of these in person – and there isn’t as much “squish” to the bag. It really depends on your personal preference.

Roulis Worn

As you can see above, the bag has two larger compartments. You can see more details below – in between the two compartments, there is a middle sleeve, as well as a small pocket sleeve against the back of the bag. Really organized! The interior areas are all lined with chevre.

On the right below, you can see the mechanism for how the Roulis transforms between a shoulder and cross body function. There’s essentially a “toggle” which allows you to either wear the strap doubled up, or just single. Ingenious and works very well!

Roulis 3

And an idea of how the bag looks cross body on me, worn. I am 5’1 (with a longer torso) and the Roulis hits around the middle of my hips.

Roulis Worn 2

And here’s what can fit into my Roulis, comfortably. I generally don’t like to overstuff the bag, as it then becomes quite boxy…it’s all personal preference though. I also do usually use a smaller wallet.

Hermes Roulis What Fits

Overall, I can highly recommend this little bag and if you happen to see one in a Hermes boutique – please go try it on! I really think it’s a bag one has to try on to see if they like it.

When I purchased the Sac Roulis in 2013, it was around 4400 euro, or ~$6000 USD before my VAT refund.

For a selection colorful convertible bags at different price points, I like this Coach Legacy at under $250, this Marc Jacobs classic at under $300, and a beautiful wine red Prada (that fits more than you think) at $1700.