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Memories of Moscow

Last May, I went to visit my fiance in Moscow where he was working abroad at the time. Some of my favorite photographs and memories:

Dumplings with salmon and sour cream at Cafe Pushkin

Martini sponsored fashion show at the former Hotel Ukraine (open bar!)

My favorite restaurant there – Chaihona

Caviar at the Ritz Carlton bar

I had a wonderful time in Moscow and I would tell anybody who hasn’t visited that the country is a “must see.” That being said, it is incredibly expensive – coffee was literally $20 at nicer cafes such as Coffeemania, and the traffic was unpredictably terrible. I loved the food there, especially the ethnic cuisines from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, but it was a very meat and bread/pasta centric diet, and generalizing, but if you wanted to have good quality food/meat at a restaurant you had to pay significant prices for it.

On the plane ride back to Boston I sat next to a USA Rugby club team, who had been in Moscow for a tournament – they mentioned to me that after being fed hedgehog for the first two days by the cafeteria, most of the team had converted to vegetarianism and subsequently had lost 5-10 lbs each. Funny story, but a warning to you all! Be prepared to spend some money when traveling to Moscow, and have a wonderful time. Oh and stay away from Hermes, their prices are almost 2X what they are in Paris. Enjoy!