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The Chanel Reissue

I wanted to share with you a bag I just got that’s been on my list for a while, a Chanel reissue.

I love the reissue because it’s a nice alterative to the classic Chanel CCs, and the leather is hardier than the super soft lambskin that Chanel also uses. However my husband disagreed somewhat – he clearly isn’t on board with the distressed, vintage look:

Me: “Look at my new bag! YAY.”

Mr. Feather: “But if it’s new, why does it look so old.”


I really wanted a gray bag with cool toned hardware because I wear a ton of grays and blacks – I included the photo of the reissue against my Etoupe Birkin so you could see how “cool” this color was versus the warmer taupe. I love wearing all grays/blacks with just a splash of bright color, I’d love to get something bright orange later to go with this bag too. Any suggestions?