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5 Books That Changed My Life

Sale PSA: Some fabulous sales are going on right now! The original super comfortable AGL flat, now in a great pewter/black combo at 40% off/under $200, the Saint Laurent “Lulu” bag in a sleek patent leather combination, now 30% off, a fabulous reversible blanket coat/cape from The Row, now 60% off, and sky high (but still comfortable, relatively speaking) Jimmy Choo silver sandals perfect for holiday parties, now a fantastic 60% off. 

Since I’ve been having lots of 2014 recap posts lately, I thought I would mix things up by sharing some books that have changed my life. Okay, maybe not in a big way, but I couldn’t find another more appropriate title for the post, and “5 Books that Made an Impact on Me and I Kind of Think of Them, Sometimes” just didn’t have the same cachet.


I hope that some of you find this list interesting, and as always I’d love to hear all of your favorite books. Please! I’m a fiend!

1. The Millionaire Next Door: My mom made me read this book when I was a teenager and had just started my first time job as a hostess at a restaurant. I don’t subscribe to everything in the book, and I don’t think the authors would at all approve of what’s on my credit card statements. But I’ve thought of it more than a few times when making larger financial decisions. It’s literally stopped me in my tracks a few times before big splurges and I moved the money to my investment account instead. What power, huh? Ha!

2. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: My favorite book of all time. Mr. Feather thoughtfully gifted me a first edition of this for my last birthday, but it’s too precious to take out so I just keep reading my old ratty paperback.

It sounds a little cheesy, but I always think of this book when facing adversity and it’s pushed me through some tougher times. Thinking about the fictional heroine – Francie’s – determination is always inspiring to me. She’s real to me, if that makes sense. Continue Reading


Weekend Update

Thank you all for the kind comments and emails after my last three year anniversary post. I very much appreciate them and loved reading each and every one! Here is my weekend update, with what I’ve been reading and enjoying this last week.

1. First up – a pair of Blahnik sandals that I’ve been mulling over as my one expensive summer sandal purchase for the year. What do we think? It looks comfortable but I’m a bit worried that it will cut off the leg. I do think that this would look phenomenal on the more blessed in the gams department out there.


Manolo Blahnik,$825,  via Nordstrom

By the way – when did shoes get so expensive? I’m not too sure I understand why this sandal is almost $300 more than a similar simple black Manolo pump.  

 2. In Wednesday’s anniversary post, I mentioned that I do receive emails from time to time, asking for advice on blogging. For those who are trying to blog and/or anyone else who is struggling through the creative process, I love this little snippet from the fabulous Ira Glass of This American Life. I am not a regular NPR listener (I prefer hip hop and teeny bopper music during my drives, feel free to sneer) and never even heard of Ira Glass until I was forced to watch him do a speech in person while at Berkeley in order to receive full class credit. I’ve followed him and his show ever since. Continue Reading

Life Style

Weekend Update

Happy Friday! Here are some of my updates from the last few weeks – wishing you a wonderful weekend!

1. While on my quest for a travel wallet about a month ago, I became distracted by some excellent looking regular wallets, and ended up bringing one home with me – this clover embossed Comme des Garcons.I’ve enjoyed using it so much that I wanted to recommend it on the site as a sleek and lovely  option to anybody looking for a wallet out there.

Comme des Garcons clover wallet

The wallet has a very small footprint, fits large bills (including yen of course) for all you world travelers, and I love the coin pocket – it opens from a fold, and it’s super easy to find change. Plus, it’s $215 for a full leather wallet – which begins to sound reasonable once you start shopping and see what Louis Vuitton and friends are charging!

Of course, I haven’t found a travel wallet yet. But the quest continues!

2. Last year, I shared some of my favorite travel packing tips. I recently came across an old article that I had bookmarked from Town & Country with some great packing tips, along with travel advice from all kinds of cool jetsetters.

3. A lovely reader, Mel, recently shared an awesome YouTube clip of George Carlin (!) talking about “stuff”. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch – very insightful and hilarious as well. I do like my stuff! But maybe I don’t need so much of it.

4. My book recommendation for the weekend needs some explanation. I am not a huge, die hard Stephen King fan, and up until now, my favorite book from him was actually his non fiction work, On Writing. I recently started reading his Dark Tower series however, and really have been enjoying it. I love finding series that I enjoy (like Game of Thrones), because I love finding good books, and when it’s a series, you’re discovering a bunch at once!


The Gunslinger is the first book in The Dark Tower series, and like many of the reviews mentioned, I found it a weaker but necessary introduction to the series. You have to read this one to get everything that happens after, but it’s probably 25% as gripping as the rest (that I’ve read so far at least). If you have some time and/or a vacation coming up, give the first two books a chance.


Weekend Update

Here are some updates and recommended reading right before we start the weekend. Happy Friday!

1. First, a quick update on my search for the warmest parka. My Canada Goose Kensington parka finally arrived from being on backorder, and I have to say that it is a keeper! The quality is great, the fur muff is lush and I’m surprised at how thin it is. I am 5’1 and it comes down to almost exactly my knees, so definitely covers the tush. Highly recommended for anybody who will need to keep warm in the coming months.

Canada Goose Kensington

2. This New Yorker article about social signaling through nonconformity was one of the most interesting reads I came across this week. Though I was disappointed to learn that in the end, I will not get Mark Zuckerberg like status points in public for wearing hoodies, until I have actually accomplished something substantial, ala Mark Zuckerberg.

3. I purchased this Smythson travel wallet as a gift for a friend and like any truly committed gift giver, I now have been thinking about one for myself. I’ve always just used one of my regular wallets while traveling, and relegated my passport and boarding passes to a fate of floating around my bag, but now I’m thinking that this may be a nice to have. Anybody have a travel wallet who can share their experience?


I’ve also been looking at this very cool Comme des Garcons version. What do we think?

4. Jo Nesbo has been one of my favorite crime writers for years now and I am so happy that almost all of his books are now being translated and are available in the United States! I would recommend the Harry Hole series to any fan of well written crime fiction, but today I am going to plug Headhunters – a great standalone crime thriller. Very fun to read and I was happy to have it after exhausting Air France’s limited entertainment selections.