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September Favorites

Hello from Africa! It’s simply amazing here, and I’ve temporarily broken my “don’t check the internet” ban to post and say hello. While I’m away and posting less, I thought I would share a few of my favorite discoveries and purchases over the last few months.

Rag Bone Nakamura Field Jacket

The perfect utility jacket. I’ve been searching for the perfect utility jacket for some time now. I have a version from J.Crew that I quite like, but it’s a bit large and also the material isn’t very soft. It works best over heavier layers like sweaters.

I finally found my perfect jacket about a month ago on sale, from Rag & Bone. It is super soft, just a teeny bit of padding (not too thick, since I’m in California), a great green that is more on the black side than brown since I wear lots of black. An inner drawstring waist, and more! I’ve already worn it lots here on safari.

PS: If I hadn’t purchased my Rag & Bone, this jacket would have been my second choice – at under $100, with petite sizing and good reviews I think it’s quite nice!

J.Crew’s classic Field jacket is also always a good alternative which seems to suit many different people.

Aztec Gary Jennings

The fun read. I’m sharing with you an old favorite of mine from years ago that I recently went and unearthed and re-read this month, Aztec by Gary Jennings. I heard this was the “Da Vinci Code” of it’s time but in my opinion Aztec is superior, more interesting story, better writing (by a bit) and I loved learning about the Aztec culture! This isn’t the type of book that will be winning The Booker Prize but it’s better than you think and you will never be bored. Plus it’s nice and long – when a book is good I never mind a few extra hundred pages.

Tatcha Oil

The beauty oil. I am addicted to using various oils as an extra layer of moisturizer on my face, and Tatcha’s camellia oil is one of the best I’ve tried so far. It comes in a huge lovely bottle that should last for a very long time, and has flecks of 24K gold inside. Gorgeous on your vanity! The scent is very nice and super light (while I love a nice fragrance, I don’t necessarily like it in my skincare – too irritating).

I know that Tatcha’s price point may not be for everyone – as an alternative, the next oil I’m going to be trying is Fresh’s Seaberry version which comes in at $50 for a generous bottle.


Please share some of your favorite discoveries if you’d like (especially books!). Hello and goodbye from Africa until next time!