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Prague – The Kempinski Hotel and La Degustation

Last week, Mr. Feather and I visited Prague for the first time. We both had heard so many great things about this city and it definitely did not disappoint. Prague is beautiful and charming, with delicious food and friendly people. Best of all, the prices are very nice and affordable (especially compared to Paris, oof!) Here are some photos from our first full day there.

Beautiful Prague

Mr. Feather and I stayed at The Kempinski Hotel and it was wonderful. The hotel is a nice size- large enough for all the amenities but still small enough with an intimate feel. It is very new and modern as you can see – this was our room. The bathroom was gorgeous! We took a lot of photos for future inspiration.

I took these photos with my phone so forgive me if they are a little fuzzy! While walking around downtown we stumbled upon a candy and chocolate museum – it was so cool, there were people making these hard candies all day. First they created a huge log of candy….then they rolled it into smaller tubes, and then chopped it up into bite size hard candy pieces. Such a cool looking process. 

There were a lot of farmers markets around the town…the produce was so fresh and beautiful looking. I had to take a photo of these cherries, such perfect condition and the color was gorgeous! I love cherries (but hate sour ones!)

I am immature and whenever there are signs like “Careful – hot plate” or “No sitting” I always tend to do the exact opposite. It’s a bad habit! I’ve been yelled at multiple times.

Anthropologie dress, Bottega bag, AGL flats

After this post I got some emails and comments asking to see some more photos of my Alhambra necklace being worn – I hope this helps some! The weight was fine too, I wore this all day, walking around miles, no problem.

Mr. Feather and I both love nice restaurants and before we went to Paris, made reservations at Le Cinq at the George V. I’ve been once before and the food is delicious and they give you a little Hermes stool to rest your handbag on (very charming!). However, with wine and everything, a meal for two can easily go over 750 euro, or more than $1k.

I know that there is something very special and unique about Parisienne fine dining but on this trip we decided to save some moola and cancelled our reservations while in Prague. Instead, we decided to have our fine dining meal at La Degustation – one of the best restaurants in Prague with very innovative food. The restaurant was chic, modern, with delicious food and fantastic wine pairings. Best of all, the bill for food + wine for two was basically 1/3 the price of what it would have cost us in Paris.

One of our favorite dishes of the night – a tomato ravioli that was presented in a gelatin casing that when you bit into it, gushed out a liquid, very cool, delicious rendition of tomato with some truffle oil. Simply amazing and I highly recommend La Degustation if you visit Prague.
I hope you enjoyed my Prague photos! I can’t wait to share the rest of our European adventures with you all in the coming weeks 🙂