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Weekend Update

In the past month or so, I’ve come across some interesting articles about a brand I’ve always admired, though haven’t purchased from lately – Prada. So I thought I’d make this Weekend Update a bit Prada themed, as I’d love to hear your opinions!

1. I’m a big fan of Prada shoes – for some reason they always tend to fit me, are quite comfortable, and they offer both very classic (sleek pumps in work appropriate heel heights, see here and here) and leading edge styles. The ones made out of the signature “Saffiano” textured leather are the ones I’ve always found trickiest – for some reason I’ve come across quite a few which have looked a bit messy.

These tartan flats are my favorite of the fall season so far – I am quite confident that they’d be comfortable and I’m just a sucker for tartan! I’ll probably monitor size levels and see if I can wait for for sale season or not.

2. My first Prada related article comes via Bloomberg, which reported last month on the brand’s disappointing third quarter profit announcement. The article mentions a plan in introduced more lower priced handbags in the 1,000 euro range, which I found quite interesting. The mini bag trend is big, and it certainly makes the bags more accessible. Do you think it solves Prada’s issues though? Continue Reading


Weekend Update

1. Happy Friday! I have just come back from CES in Las Vegas, so man does it feel good to be home! Were any of you there? So not a sexy shoe, but these bad boys were my savior…


Summer Purchase List

As temperatures reach into the 90’s this week, I’ve been starting to compile my seasonal list of “what to buy”. Here are the top items on my summer purchase list – I’d love to hear yours! 1. Dressy sandals.…