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Weekend Update

1. For some reason, even though it’s been quite hot this week, I’ve found myself staring at these two photos of Ashley Olsen and Kate Moss, over and over again. I found them on my computer a few weeks apart, and somehow my brain decided to match them together and thus torture with this joint collage. I almost never reach for the color pink when picking out items for my closet – yet now I think it looks so fresh and lovely!

ashley olsen pink coat

kate moss pink burberry trench

What do you think? I have two red/pink items of spring outerwear on my list now – both Burberry of course. One is a traditional trench in red/pink in a lighter spring fabric, while the other is a sweet bracelet sleeved jacket.

2. A lovely reader (hello T!), knowing my penchant for boring black/gray/white clothes, sent me this very interesting article via The Guardian about the end of minimalism and rise of “maximalism”. What do we think? I still love my neutral colors, but I have noticed that I’m more willing to explore outside my comfort zone lately (like with that pink coat above!). Continue Reading