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Souvenirs from Paris

My last trip of the year was unfortunately another work related one – but at least to a nicer destination, Paris! As an added bonus, I was able to spend a weekend there. And even better yet, Mr. Feather also happened to be in Europe for work, and we were able to have a day together. Hoorah!

I’ve been really trying not to turn my travel trips into shopping ones (the temptation is strong), partially because I always end stamping on my luggage on the last day to make it all fit. Anyway, since it was nearing Christmas and also because I had a willing if ever-so-sulky husband with me who could help with ferrying carrier bags, we made our way to a few shopping destinations, including over to the mothership Hermes, on Rue du Faubourg.

I had a couple items on my wish list and since the inventory was quite good during the Christmas season (the best I’ve seen in years), I was able to snag both! A Christmas miracle, as far as Hermes is concerned.

Hermes Orange Boxes

First up was a new cashmere/silk shawl. I love these shawls and find them much easier to wear than the silk scarves, personally. I usually only buy one or two maximum per year, so try to be really picky and only buy the patterns/colors I love.

As soon as I saw this colorway and pattern (Peuple du Vent), I knew that it was the one! I love the complimentary colors and don’t have enough blue. Plus, this pattern is so awesome. I adore all the animals on it.

Peuple de Vent Shawl Ciel

My favorite animals in the shawl include the little cat and polar bear. I have a thing for polar bears. Did you know that I still sleep with the same stuffed animal I had as a little kid – the ubiquitous Gund polar bear? His official name according to Gund is “Snuffles” but I’ve always just called him “Bear”. Anyway. Continue Reading