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Interview with Georgie

Today’s interview is with Georgie – a former lawyer, wife, and mother of three in Singapore. Georgie has the kind of style which I personally adore – clean, crisp, and very chic. She has a beautiful closet filled with classic items that are a reflection of her fabulous taste, and has some surprising (and awesome) hobbies which you’ll soon learn about. Enjoy meeting Georgie!

Exotic accessories

Exotic accessories

Who are you? What do you do, and where do you live?

My name is Georgie and I’m a Malaysian Chinese living in Singapore. I was a lawyer before my kids came along, but I’ve been a stay home mom to three teenage boys for a long time now.

How do you feel about the general fashion in Singapore? Anything that you find unique to where you live? ?

Singaporeans have been accused of being sloppy dressers. Many people go about in tank tops and shorts and flip flops because it is so hot and humid all year round. I do think that’s too sloppy, and it is possible to dress well casually eg. sun dresses and espadrilles, cotton/linen pants/shorts and a nice tee/blouse with ballerina flats. Continue Reading