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The Warmest Parka

Since freezing my butt off for more than a week straight earlier this month in Paris/Budapest, and returning home to record low temperatures (yes, I know that century record low in California = regular day in Boston), I’ve become obsessed with the idea of finding a super warm down parka. Not that I will really need it here in the Bay Area necessarily, but I am scheduled to be returning back to some very cold places in these coming months, and I vowed never again to have to cut short a lovely evening walk simply because I felt like a frozen popsicle!

I am no strangers to parkas either  – here have been some of my past experiences:

1. ADD Down. One of my favorite down outerwear brands, and I wore my parka for two years straight in Boston. The zipper finally broke during one of my last days in Budapest (completely my fault). Great quality – I just wish mine were a little longer (because yes – it’s literally my butt freezing when it gets below a certain temperature outside!).

2. Mr. & Mrs. Furs jacket (via this post). I think almost everything from this line is so cool. My little version below gets by far the most compliments, and I just love the combination of mink plus vintage camouflage. That being said – my particular model doesn’t have a hood, and the fur makes it HEAVY. A bit cumbersome to carry around if you keep popping in and out of heated buildings (why are all the shops in Paris so, so warm inside)?

3. Moncler.  Yes, I love Moncler like many others out there, but I’ve actually had a few quality issues with my one Moncler puffer parka. The inner arm seam ripped after about a year of infrequent use, and I also found the material quite delicate (I was afraid of ripping it).  While I have always liked the style of Moncler coats, what I really like from the brand are their sleek vests and little lady like jackets

Also, just as a warning – I’ve had very varied experiences in the boutiques. Everything from very good, sincere customer service, to the unspoken sneer of  “Don’t touch the jacket…feeble peasant!” 

Anyway…I decided to go out and hunt around for the warmest, best quality parka..and after I had tried on a bunch of different makes and models…I found a great one, via Canada Goose. It was warm, had a nice hood to block out the wind, and most importantly, the very convincing salesman said that he had never had a customer have a quality complaint about Canada Goose. The zippers also looked nice and sturdy, to withstand my clumsy fingers. Sold!

My size and color weren’t available, so I went home and placed an order online. Apparently everybody else in the U.S. suffering from the cold had the same idea…because it immediately became backordered. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I thought I might cancel my original order and get it at Bloomingdales...but then I noticed my shopping cart stated “ships within 46 business days.” Whoa!

I was very sad about this, as I’m heading back to icy Europe later this month, but I still can’t wait to get my super warm parka. It’s my gift to myself!

Are there any more of you out there, who suffer from my disease – “perpetual coldness”? What are your go to parkas and outerwear for the coldest environments that you visit? And psst – any readers with Canada Goose experiences that you could share?