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How I Pack for Travel

Today is a wonderful day because later tonight, I’m heading off on holiday! I always miss Asia after a while and I’m excited to be heading off to Bali for the first time for some relaxation and to see some friends (any tips from Bali experts are appreciated!). I’ll still be posting while I’m away but perhaps more sporadically (and this week there won’t be an interview). Thank you in advance for your patience!

In the spirit of vacation, today I thought I would show you all how I pack. I did an earlier post on this years ago and used a few photos from earlier for a more in depth post. I hope this helps some of you with your packing!

So first, let’s talk about bags.


This may be an obvious point, but a really important part of having an easy time packing and traveling is having the right luggage. These three bags are a few of my favorites and they’re all essentials. The black case is my checked baggage (rarely used), the red is my carry on (very often used), and on top is my easy, light, large tote which I bring as my handbag onto the plane. You can read more about my favorite handbags to travel with (and how I pack them), here. I do use my Birkin quite a bit as my carry on bag, though I have to say that sometimes I miss shoulder handles. A Birkin + a laptop inside can also reach weights that quickly tire my puny arms.

Now, onto how I actually pack. I will be upfront here and say that I am not a very neat clothing folder (despite some repeated experience working in mall stores during my teenage years). If you just give me all my clothes, toiletries, and what not, they’ll go into my suitcase in a huge, jumbled mess. That’s why I use lots of bags – especially for my clothing. My favorites are these excellent ones from eBags, I’ve purchased multiple sets over the years as friends keep stealing them on trips.


I usually roll up my dresses and tops, and store them in these bags. I use one for lighter knits, one for heavier knits (if I need them), and another for underwear and swim. These are fabulous because not only do they keep you organized, but in the rare event that your luggage gets searched, TSA agents will simply press down on the bags without opening them, instead of scattering everything around. Continue Reading