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Budapest – Andrassy Avenue, Onyx

This is part five of my trip to Paris and Budapest. For the remainder of the series, please see below.

Paris – Hotel Esprit Saint Germain
Paris – The Marais, Le Bon Marche, Le Comptoir du Relais
Paris – St. Germain, Hermes, L’Avant Comptoir
Budapest – Four Seasons Gresham Palace
Budapest – Andrassy Avenue, Onyx
Budapest – Taste Hungary
Budapest- Christmas Markets, Bock Bistro

For my next few posts on Budapest, I’ll be taking you through our days there, exploring and eating our way through the city. Today, I’ll be sharing from day to evening our local exploration of the area right around our hotel, as well as one of the most famous boulevards in Budapest.

Each morning and afternoon, we’d walk right outside our hotel and be greeted by lovely weather (yes we were lucky with the weather while there), the lawn right outside the Gresham, and Chain Bridge.

Budapest - Walking Out

Like Paris, Budapest is a walking city – if we had the time, we would have walked almost everywhere. Unfortunately, our schedule was fairly packed during our short visit there, so we often took the metro. The stations in Budapest were very clean and charming (though I will say that I found the system for buying and using tickets confusing and quite manual).

Budapest - Metro Inside

Budapest - Metro

Just a short metro ride away was Andrassy Avenue – one of the most famous boulevards in Budapest. This street is a UNESCO World Heritage site and had some beautiful buildings along it, including the famous Hungarian Opera House.

Budapest - Opera

There was also the newly opened Il Bacio Di Stile – the first luxury department store in Budapest. We took a brief tour around and it was lovely inside, albeit with very few people actually purchasing. Prices were higher than in Italy and Paris…the shop reminded me a bit of TSUM in Moscow.

Budapest - Il Bacio Di Stile

One shop that we did spend quite a bit of time in was Alexandra Bookshop. I love, love bookshops and so always try to visit them wherever I go (even if I can’t understand a word of the written language). Alexandra was one of the grandest and most beautiful bookstores I had ever seen!

Budapest - Bookshop

The second floor had a huge, grand cafe with beautiful ceilings and decor. I thought that the locals were very fortunate to have this type of cafe as just a regular place to have drinks – I saw many on laptops, just surfing the web just like at my local Starbucks!

Budapest - Bookshop Cafe

Budapest - Bookshop Inside

After spending some time at Alexandra, we ended up back on Andrassy and checked out a few more local shops. One was a brand that some of you may have heard of – Omorovicza.

Budapest - Omorovicza Outside

Omorovicza is a top luxury skincare brand in Hungary and I had seen it many times at my local Neiman’s. The flagship store was beautiful inside – I would recommend any spa lover visiting Hungary to either get a facial here or at the Gresham, where they use Omorovicza products.

Budapest - Omorovicza Inside

My favorite that I tested was the BB cream – I was told it was a bestseller.

Budapest - Omorovicza BB

After an afternoon spent wandering around Andrassy Avenue, we returned to the hotel for a brief siesta. After a little nap, we woke up refreshed and also – hungry! Which was good, as we were going to dinner nearby at one of the more well known dining destinations in Budapest- Onyx.

Budapest - Onyx

Onyx is one of two single star Michelin restaurants in Budapest (there are no two or three, yet), and probably the more formal one. The restaurant was a very short walk from our hotel and soon we were inside the beautiful dining room.

Budapest - Onyx Inside

I am the world’s worst food writer so unfortunately my description of many of the upcoming photos are lacking. But I can assure you that they were all very good to absolutely fantastic. Our first morsel was an amuse bouche. Continue Reading