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Quick Sale Update – Nordstrom Half Yearly

Hi – just stopping in for a quick update as the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale has begun. I always shop this sale each year, though at this point the heavy hitters (aka designer) haven’t hit discount yet. It’s the rest of the departments – contemporary, non designer shoes, etc, that start with the sale. I always use this period to stock up on a few items for spring/summer, while biding my time for fancy sandals a few weeks later!

To that end, here are some of my selections from around the site – I’d recommend poking around the sale section where you’ll find a bunch of new markdowns (mixed in with existing ones – I recognized a lot of older items from sale PSAs, and tried not to include them).

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.27.33 AM


1. DVF Orchid Silk wrap dress, now 40% off ($360). I think that DVF makes the most beautiful maxi dresses. It has to do with a combination of her prints and the fabric she uses. I became a believer when I saw a woman in Los Angeles in a gorgeous DVF dress which I had been eyeing online, only to realize it was Kris Jenner. Don’t judge!

2. Tory Burch Lucia espadrille, now 33% off ($124). Pretty espadrilles that look like the Valentino versions that won’t break the bank. I like that these are a tan mix for summer, without being completely white (I always get paranoid about my white shoes looking immediately dirty).

3. Stuart Weitzman Crackle metallic wedge sandal, now 40% off ($240). I really recommend these, they are comfortable and lengthen the legs due to the nude color. The crackle effect is subtle yet adds a little something special. They are reminiscent of the espadrilles that Jimmy Choo puts out each season in my opinion.

4. Halston Heritage Georgette gown, 40% off ($315). A beautiful statement gown that I think you could make formal or casual. Love the Greek goddess feel to it, will look gorgeous as you walk.

Elsewhere, I like the Sam Edelman “Gigi” sandals in bright calf half combinations for summer, now only $42, a Bobeau Split Dot Swiss dress that looks like a great office/casual dress, now under $40 (!!) a loose Eileen Fisher racerback knit dress for those who want to be super cool in summer, now $130, and the super popular Philosophy “Purity Made Simple” cleanser is now 30% off, but I think that may be a more limited time price matching promotion.

Happy shopping and please share your finds – I’ll continue to this post as well.


Black Friday Sale Update

Hi everybody – I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! There are tons of sales on right now, so I have put together some of what I’ve been shopping…I’ll keep updating throughout the weekend!

Nordstrom: Up to 40% off a wide selection of items.

There are way too many goodies to list so for today, I focused on pumps since Nordstrom has some great ones on sale.

Nordstrom Sale Shoes

Left to right:

1. Jimmy Choo Allure Pump, ($625/$438 after discount): One of my favorite kitten heels ever – I love how there’s a little bit of a menswear inspiration in it. Just FYI, Mr. Feather was very happy to see me ordering a pump called “Allure” – only to discover it was much more a practical work pump vs. a femme fatale super heel.

2. Manolo Blahnik BB Pump, ($695/$452 after discount): The classic Manolo in a beautiful iridescent blue finish.

3. Jimmy Choo Abel Pump, ($595/$387 after discount): Choo’s classic high heeled pump – I love the cut of this pump, and the pink suede is a great statement color.

4. Prada Mary Jane Hooded Pump, ($950/$570 after discount): I love this shoe! It has everything – leopard calfskin, a mary jane style, with a little hooded detail to add some interest as you walk away. A unique and versatile pump.

J.Crew: 30% off full priced styles, 40% off sale prices with code “HOLIDAY”

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 11.35.55 AM

Clockwise from top corner left:

1. Cashmere Cable Sweater, ($298/$209 after discount): One of my favorite items from J.Crew this season. It’s hard to find the perfect cable detailing on a sweater and this is it. Continue Reading


Customer Service – Best and Worst: Department Stores

A few months ago (while in the midst of taxes), I was combing through all the large purchases made on my credit cards over the past few years and noticed that many of them were from the same few establishments, over and over. I thought this was interesting as even maybe five or ten years ago, my statements would have had a much larger diversity of merchants. I realized that over the years, I’ve had some either great customer experiences, or poor ones – and that these experiences have really driven my purchasing habits and captured my brand loyalty.

Since customer service experiences can have such an impact over what we buy and where we buy it, I thought I would share an example of one of my best, and one of my worst customer service encounters. For this post, I decided to focus on department stores.

Best: Nordstrom



I know that it’s almost become a little cliche to cite Nordstrom as a good customer service example, but hey, I’m a believer! I’ve never been let down by service twice there – which means, in the rare occasions, I haven’t had a good experience with a front line associate, a manager has always fixed it.

My first Nordstrom customer service story: In high school, I splurged on a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses, with a gradient lens. I was so proud of these glasses! They were something like $150 which meant it equated to at least 30 hours of waitressing drudgery. I wore them all the time, and especially on my head. Unfortunately, this must have stretched them out over time (I have a big head too – Mr. Feather affectionately calls me “The Bobble”). One day they fell off the kitchen counter, and broke into two pieces on the ground.

I went back to Nordstrom the next day to go shop for a replacement, and pulled out my broken pair in front of the sales associate . To my surprise, she whipped out a small eyeglasses screwdriver and tried to put the two pieces back together. “Should be easy,” she said, even though five minutes later it definitely appeared that it wouldn’t be. Continue Reading


Grouchy Morning Items

As the weather has been getting dramatically colder and as I’ve been having more early morning meetings scheduled, I’ve found myself waking up occasionally in a….very grouchy state. On these days, there’s no way that you’ll find me in a complicated dress, or high heeled patent leather shoes. Instead, I always reach for a few comfortable and cozy mainstays, that always make me feel better when I’m up and about early on a cold, very long day. Today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite “grouchy morning items” to wear, from top to toe!

1. T-shirts and sweaters: The most important item! I hate feeling uncomfortable in a restricting shirt or itchy sweater, especially over a long work day. On grouchy mornings, I always put on a t-shirt (my current favorites are from Splendid), and them top it off with either my Helmut sweatshirt (reviewed here), or one of my slouchy J.Crew cashmere boyfriend sweaters. Super easy.

Helmut Lang sweatshirt (via this post)

2. Scarves: I always will wear a scarf on a grouchy morning, it’s something warm and snuggly to dig your neck into and escape in when you’re in a 7:30 AM meeting that seems like it may never end. I like to grab a big shawl in the morning right before heading out the door, but even if I forget, I keep a black version of my favorite Nordstrom’s shawl at my desk. They’re under $90, great quality and have a ton of colors.

Hermes Nordstrom Shawl

Hermes cashmere/silk shawl (left), Nordstrom cashmere shawl (right)

3. Pants: I have three identical black pairs now, of these Ann Taylor knit pants. I’m not even a big Ann Taylor fan – these are one of the only items from the brand in my closet – but these pants rock. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and my #1 choice to be comfortable and warm on a gloomy morning. You can see the pants worn, here.

4. Boots: Jimmy Choo biker boots. I’ve written about these boots a few times on this blog, and that’s because I love them! I’ve had this pair for a solid three years and they’re still going strong (I actually was just wearing them a few hours ago, tromping around a very cold Paris). The quality is fantastic and I feel like Daria in them. They’re my favorite thing to pull on, on a cold dreary morning. My boots are lined in rabbit fur so they feel just like Uggs – you can find this version at Saks.

What are your grouchy morning go to items? I would love to hear them!

Also – wishing everybody a wonderful holiday week! Thank you so much for reading my little site, I am truly, truly grateful.

I’ll still be updating periodically, but I know that many of you will be off and traveling/celebrating if you haven’t begun already. Best wishes for a wonderful remainder of 2013!