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Did you all have a good 4th of July? I just returned from NY super late last night, in time to catch a view of the fireworks from the plane as we were landing – beautiful! I wanted to update you all, so here are some photos from my trip:

Mr. Feather and I got in Friday night and headed over to one of my favorite New York sushi restaurants – Sushi Yasuda. I really recommend it for anybody who loves great sushi, and for a variety of budgets – you can sit at the bar and and easily run a bill that’s over $300 a person, or have one of their prix fixe options which start at $24 a person, including dessert. I had a little set sushi platter which was a nice after plane snack. On the way there I also ran into a blog reader and the subject of one of the first interviews I ever posted – TC. She was gorgeous and also was toting a super envy inducing Bottega bag – hi TC!

Sushi Yasuda

The next day Mr. Feather and I walked around and enjoyed the amazing weather. A few blocks from our hotel was the Mercedes dealership, where we were both stunned to see this ENORMOUS vehicle parked in the showroom. We had to go inside and see it:

The Mercedes Sprinter, courtesy of MB website

That’s me standing in the car. I know I’m short, but I could have done jumping jacks and not touched the ceiling. We were both curious and asked the salesperson – who was buying these cars? Musicians on tour? Companies for their corporate buses? The Harlem Globetrotters??

“Nine out of ten, it’s a hedge fund guy.” the salesman responded. ….OF COURSE.

Finally, a little shot of one of our last meals this long weekend – I LOVE Jewish deli’s and always have to go to one of my favorite spots when in New York. This is the Matzo Ball soup from Lansky’s – in my opinion they make the BEST in the city, and have yummy sandwiches as well – all with pretty good pricing. YUM.

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to catch up and read all the comments and emails I have and catch up on all my favorite blogs. Happy Tuesday!